Power-Con 2018 – The Minicomics of Masters of the Universe Classics Panel

Minicomics are a fan-favorite element of the vintage He-Man and She-Ra toys. And MOTU Classics was able to bring back a short series of minicomics that embodied the fun of those original pack-ins. Come learn about their creation.
Featuring: Wellinton Alves, Axel Gimenez, Scott Neitlich, Tim Seeley
Moderator: Danielle Gelehrter
Video editing: Daniel Benedict

Power-Con 2018 – Origins of Masters of the Universe Classics Panel

It was first teased in a glass cabinet at SDCC in 2007. And now the line has run for an impressive ten years. Come find out how one of the most popular toy lines of all time got started and has endured for so long.
Featuring: Four Horsemen, Bill Benecke, Scott Neitlich, David Voss
Moderator: Brian Galbreath
Video editing: Daniel Benedict

Power-Con 2018 – Creating the Design and Animation of Filmation He-Man

The style of Filmation is a defining aspect of what would influence He-Man and the Masters of the Universe for decades. Learn from the artists who helped shape the look of some of your favorite characters and episodes from the 80s.
Featuring: Robert Lamb, Don Manuel, Tom Sito, Michael Swanigan, Charles Zembillas
Moderator: James Eatock
Video editing: Daniel Benedict

Power-Con 2018 – Super7 Super Awesome Panel

Super7 has been producing the current and retro MOTU toy product, which includes MOTU Classics and the new 5-inch retro MOTU line. See their presentation for awesome new He-Man and She-Ra products.
Featuring: Brian Flynn, Josh Herbolsheimer
Moderator: Brian Rooney
Video editing: Daniel Benedict