Attendee Access is Now Open!

If you are going to be coming to Power-Con the weekend of June 4th & 5th, 2016, you can now click here to pre-order your attendee passes, toy exclusives, and souvenir shirts!

Remaining exclusive stock will NOT be available on Once they sell out through the Power-Con pre-order, they will no longer be available!

Please click here to watch a walk-through of the attendee preorder process.
Please click here for the original announcement with prices and other information.
And, please click here for a detailed FAQ with more questions about the pre-order.

Power-Con 2016 Ticket & Exclusive Pre-Order Info & Instructions

The pre-order will begin in a matter of hours!
Attendee pre-order begins today, Saturday, August 15th, 2015 at 9:00am Pacific time.
Non-attendee pre-order begins three hours later which is today, Saturday, August 15th, 2015 at 12:00pm (noon) Pacific time.

At those times, the pre-order links will be posted on this main page and on our mailing list (click here to subscribe), and shortly after on our Twitter and Facebook accounts.

Please click here to read the original sales notice that has details on pricing and ordering limits.
And please click here to read a more detailed FAQ that answers many of your questions about the pre-order.

And, we went one step further to help you prepare!
Please click here to watch a walk-through of the attendee preorder process.
And please click here to watch a walk-through of the non-attendee preorder process.
When the pre-order links are posted, you will be ready! Please note that during the pre-order process, you will have 10 minutes to add items to your cart and then 5 minutes to complete final checkout where you enter your billing details and complete your order. Once items are in your cart, you do not need to worry about them selling out as long as you complete your order within those time limits.
There will be a PayPal checkout option in addition to the four major credit cards.

Attendee T-Shirt Pre-Orders This Saturday

Along with the ability for attendees to pre-order tickets and exclusives this Saturday, August 15 at 9:00am Pacific / 12:00pm Eastern, you will able to be able to pre-order Power-Con t-shirts!

T-shirts must be picked up at the convention; they will not be shipped.

Each style is available in 4 colors: black, red, blue, and green and may be pre-ordered in men’s sizes small through 2XL for $20 each. Other sizes may be made available during Saturday’s pre-order at an additional cost.

Style names:

  • Vampire
  • Priestess
  • Battering Ram
  • Sea Monster

Note: T-shirts will not be shipped and thus are unavailable to individuals who pre-order non-attendee merchandise passes on Saturday.

Hotel reservations are live!

Fans can now begin reserving their hotel rooms for Power-Con 2016! The show is June 4th & 5th, 2016!

Our convention hotel is the:
Torrance Marriott Redondo Beach
3635 Fashion Way
Torrance, CA 90503

The reservation link will automatically fill in the dates of arriving on Friday, June 3rd, and departing on Monday, June 6th. But, you can change to any dates between the 3rd and 6th during the reservation process.

Our standard room rate is $139 for up to 4 occupants in the room.
You will be able to select special features, such as a king or double bed, on the screens that follow the initial reservation dates, room quantity and occupancy.

NOTE: The hotel WILL start charging the first night’s room cost on March 6th, 2016. (90 days out from the convention’s dates). Due to limited hotel space, this is to insure people do not sit on room reservations.

We look forward to seeing you in 2016!

Click here to make your reservation!

Volunteer at Power-Con 2016

Power-Con gladly welcomes some good volunteers to help in this year’s fan convention expo. If you are motivated, up-beat individual who is flexible and wants to meet a lot of new people then volunteering is right for you!

Being a Volunteer comes with perks!

  • For fans who volunteer for 4 to 6 hours, you can select one of the following: weekend or day pass reimbursement, free red minicomic Beast Man exclusive, or free Camo Khan exclusive.
  • For fans who volunteer for 8 or more hours, you can select two of the following: weekend or day pass reimbursement, free red minicomic Beast Man exclusive, or free Camo Khan exclusive.

Keep in mind that volunteer positions fill up quickly so do not delay in applying. Additionally, applicants that are available for shifts on both Saturday and Sunday of the convention will be the first ones chosen as volunteers.

If you are interested, please see the Volunteers section of our website.

Press Registration for Power-Con 2016

Do you want to cover Power-Con 2016? We invite all members of the press who are involved in pop culture, comics, collectibles, and the entertainment industry to register! All returning and new press need to fulfill our eligibility requirements.

Please visit the Press section of our website if you are interested.

Exhibitors – We want to see you at Power-Con 2016!

Come and exhibit at the most powerful fan convention in the universe: POWER-CON! The convention is offering 6′ vendor tables and 10’x10’ booths where you can sell your goods and sport your art, customs, and more!

If you are interested in exhibiting at Power-Con, please visit the Exhibitors section of our website.

As we get closer to the convention, we will regularly update the guest list with our official listing of attending creators, exhibitors, retailers, and vendors.

Power-Con 2016 FAQ

Q. As a non-attendee, can I purchase 3 of the same figure instead of 1 of each?
A. No, when a non-attendee places an order, they are limited to one merchandise access pass where they can purchase up to 1 of each exclusive.

Q. What are the production numbers of the exclusives?
A. We are unable to provide any information in regards to production numbers, quotas, etc.

Q. Do we purchase our ticket / access pass separately from the exclusives?
A. No, they are all ordered in the same session. Everything is done in order. As long as the figure(s) are in-stock when you move from the ticket / access pass screen, you can pre-order them all at the same time. Once they are all in your cart, they are secure for 10 minutes as long as you complete your order within that time frame. If you do not complete your order during checkout, you will not be charged for a pass or any exclusives that were in your cart.

Q. How long will the pre-orders last for the exclusives?
A. The pre-orders will be up until they sell out.

Q. Why did we receive only two weeks’ notice before the ticket pre-order sale?
A. These exclusives go into production this fall. While we are uncertain of how quickly these will sell, we had to provide a large enough window for sales prior to entering production.

Q. What happens if these exclusives sell out before non-attendees can make their purchase?
A. While we can make no guarantees that extra stock will be available for non-attendees, our personal feeling is that these will last long enough for non-attendees to have a chance to pre-order on August 15th.

Q. Will attendees be able to purchase their exclusives before non-attendees.
A. Yes, attendees will receive a 3 hour lead-time over non-attendees.
Attendee sale time: Saturday, August 15th at 9:00am Pacific / 12:00pm Eastern
Non-Attendee sale time: Saturday, August 15th at 12:00pm Pacific / 3:00pm Eastern

Q. Are we reserving the pre-order with our PayPal or credit card? Are we paying in full?
A. Attendees and non-attendees will be paying in full for their passes, exclusives, and shipping. The checkout process will use PayPal only where you can use your PayPal balance or have your credit card processed by PayPal. You do not need a PayPal account to use your credit card.

Q. How will attendees receive up their exclusives?
A. Attendees MUST be present to pick up their exclusives at the convention itself. They WILL NOT be shipped. Only non-attendees can have their exclusives shipped.

Q. What if I pre-ordered an attendee pass / exclusives and now can no longer make it to the convention?
A. If you have one of the following: a medical emergency, family emergency, or death in the family, we will refund your Power-Con purchases in full. The only condition is that you must provide some proof. We appreciate everyone’s understanding in this matter as we understand it can be a delicate subject. Otherwise, the Power-Con attendee tickets and exclusive purchases are non-refundable. If your exclusives are not picked up by 3pm Pacific on Sunday, June 5, 2016, they will be made available for sale for the last two hours of the show to convention attendees. If you are worried that you will not be able to attend, it is recommended that you purchase a non-attendee ticket and have your exclusives shipped. Alternatively, you could make an arrangement through another attending fan who can purchase the exclusives for you and pick them up at the show. That attendee would be bound by the limits of what an attendee can purchase — they would not be able to pick up a separate order for you.

Q. How much will shipping/handling be on the exclusives for non-attendees?
A. All non-attendees have to purchase the $25 merchandise access pass. In addition to that, here is the exclusive figure pricing with USPS shipping depending on your scenario:

USA orders. Includes shipping and handling:
1. Camo Khan – $61.00
2. red minicomic Beast Man – $61.00
3. green minicomic Granamyr – PARCEL POST (slow) – $127.00
4. green minicomic Granamyr – PRIORITY SHIPPING – $141.00
5. Camo Khan & red minicomic Beast Man – $110.00
6. Camo Khan & green minicomic Granamyr – PARCEL POST (slow) – $174.00
7. Camo Khan & green minicomic Granamyr – PRIORITY SHIPPING – $208.00
8. red minicomic Beast Man & green minicomic Granamyr – PARCEL POST (slow) – $174.00
9. red minicomic Beast Man & green minicomic Granamyr – PRIORITY SHIPPING – $208.00
10. Camo Khan, red minicomic Beast Man, & green minicomic Granamyr – PARCEL POST (slow) – $221.00
11. Camo Khan, red minicomic Beast Man, & green minicomic Granamyr – PRIORITY SHIPPING – $254.00

Canada orders. Includes shipping and handling:
12. Camo Khan – $66.00
13. red minicomic Beast Man – $66.00
14. green minicomic Granamyr – $146.00
15. Camo Khan & red minicomic Beast Man – $118.00
16. Camo Khan & green minicomic Granamyr – $194.00
17. red minicomic Beast Man & green minicomic Granamyr – $194.00
18. Camo Khan, red minicomic Beast Man, & green minicomic Granamyr – $241.00

All other International orders. Includes shipping and handling:
19. Camo Khan – $75.00
20. red minicomic Beast Man – $75.00
21. green minicomic Granamyr – $161.00
22. Camo Khan & red minicomic Beast Man – $127.00
23. Camo Khan & green minicomic Granamyr – $209.00
24. red minicomic Beast Man & green minicomic Granamyr – $209.00
25. Camo Khan, red minicomic Beast Man, & green minicomic Granamyr – $259.00

Note: All shipping will be done through USPS and handling charges have been kept to a minimum.

Q. Does the shipping for non-attendee exclusives include tracking?
A. All options will have trackable shipping, including Parcel Post and International First Class. You will be able to check that tracking at With that said it is 100% up to the USPS to scan them, they are “required” to do so and on First Class International it is up to the receiving Mail system to keep scanning the tracking barcode and update the system. Of course they are only human and sometimes it does not happen, there should at least be a point of origin/received at Post Office scan to show you the package has been mailed.

Q. When will the exclusives ship for non-attendees?
A. Non-attendee exclusives will ship 3 to 4 weeks after the convention.

Q. What if I need to change my shipping address?
A. If your shipping address changes at some point after you order, contact us via the form on our website ASAP so that we can modify your order information.

Q. Who is handling the shipping of the exclusives for non-attendees?
A. Fantastic Plastic Toys will be handling the shipping of the orders. They have helped fans with Power-Con and other exclusives in the past and have an excellent track record for quality service, packing, and shipping.

Q. Do we have to pay tax on our tickets, access pass, exclusives?
A. The prices you see are the final prices after all taxes, fees, shipping & handling have been considered for different destinations. If you are a non-attendee and your shipment will be received outside of the United States, you would be responsible for any customs charges/taxes/duties/etc. that would incur when you receive your shipment.

Q. Do I need an account to pre-order my tickets, passes, exclusives?
A. No need to register in advance. Once attendees and non-attendees have selected their passes and add-on merchandise, their cart is in a reserved status for ten minutes. You can then complete your user account entry without worry of losing your selections.

Q. Can we buy our tickets day-of to enter the show?
A. If you are not interested in exclusives or souvenir t-shirts, and just want to attend the show, you can purchase your ticket at the door. But, if you want any of the exclusives, there will not be any available if they sell out during the pre-order. We encourage anyone who wants exclusives to pre-order while supplies last.

Q. If I pre-order as a non-attendee and then find out I am able to attend the show, will there be a way to “transfer” our reservation to attendee and pick up our exclusives at the show?
A. Yes. Please contact Power-Con directly via our website’s Contact form so we can make the necessary adjustment. If the upgrade results in you being owed a balance, you will be refunded this amount. Please note that any such upgrade must be done within 60 days of your original pre-order so you can avoid additional PayPal fees being deducted from your upgrade refund.

Q. Is the reverse also true? If I purchase an attendee package and then find out closer to the date that I cannot attend, will it be possible to then switch it to a non-attendee package and pay the difference on shipping?

A. No. Attendee tickets and exclusive pickups are non-refundable. If you feel there is a chance you cannot make it, we strongly recommend that you purchase a non-attendee pass and have the exclusives shipped. The 3-per person limit of the exclusives is an attendee perk. And limited exclusively to attendees for pick up only.

Q. Do the exclusives feature any new sculpting or tooling to change their look or modify the joints and features?
A. No. These are repaints of previously released toys.

Q. Will there be customer service stock of the exclusives in case people get figures that are somehow incomplete, broken, or painted incorrectly and need replacements?
A. There is no Customer Service stock for returns. Do to the limited nature of the items, they are sold as-is. So do not pre-order the exclusives if you are not comfortable with that risk. All sales are final.

Power-Con 2016 Tickets and Exclusives Pre-Order Information!

Are you ready for the power to return on June 4th and 5th!? Tickets for the 2016 Power-Con show in Los Angeles, CA will be available for pre-order on Saturday, August 15th at 9:00am Pacific / 12:00pm Eastern.

Also available to attendees who pre-order their tickets is the ability to pre-purchase the Power-Con Masters of the Universe Classics Exclusives:

Each attendee may pre-purchase up to three of each exclusive for every ticket pre-ordered. We anticipate the exclusives to sell out during the ticket pre-order period so please plan accordingly!

Attendees may not purchase multiple tickets for themselves; you may only purchase additional tickets for others who will be in your party, in attendance, at the convention. Attendees and everyone in your party for whom you have purchased tickets must be present at the time of ticket pick-up. Attendees must be present at the convention to pick up their exclusives; they will not be shipped.


Ticket Pricing:

  • Full Weekend Pass: $40
  • Saturday Only Pass: $25
  • Sunday Only Pass: $25
  • Power Pass: $150 (limited to only 10 passes)
    The Power Pass includes:  Full Weekend Pass to the convention, special Power Pass badge, all ticket pre-order incentive items (see below), free Power-Con t-shirt, guaranteed front-row panel seating, and VIP access to Power-Con’s green room (you never know who might be in there!). Note: You must pre-order the MOTUC exclusives separately, they are not included.

Children under the age of 12 may enter the show for free without a ticket. They are not eligible to purchase the exclusives unless a ticket is purchased for them.

Ticket Pre-Order Incentives:

  • Exclusive mini prints to be revealed later
  • Additional incentives will be revealed soon!


More details about the exclusive Power-Con figures:

Pending performance of pre-order sales, we cannot guarantee there will be additional figure stock for purchase at the convention. Each figure is planned to come on a standard Masters of the Universe Classics blister card that is inside a mailer box and Granamyr will come in the standard “MOTUC” packaging with box art inside a mailer box. Packaging is subject to change.

The vendor that will be processing pre-orders uses a shopping cart reserve system. Once you add an item to your cart, you will have approximately ten minutes to complete your order. If an item is in your cart, you do not need to fear that item selling out before you can complete your order as long as you complete your order within ten minutes. We will have more detailed information closer to the pre-sale date.


Can’t attend the show but still want to obtain these exclusives?

Fans who are unable to attend the show may purchase a special non-attendee merchandise access pass which will allow the holder to purchase up to one of each exclusive at the prices listed above PLUS shipping and handling which will be flat rates for domestic and international fans. Please note that we can’t control the price of shipping, especially the high cost of international shipping. Specific pricing on the exclusives with the shipping/handling included will be provided on August 15.

As a non-attendee merchandise access pass holder, you will also receive a physical merchandise access pass badge as a souvenir with your figures for supporting the convention, as well as a copy of the convention’s program and all ticket pre-order incentive items. Non-attendees will not be eligible for Power-Con t-shirt pre-orders.

  • Non-attendee merchandise access pass: $25


Note to all: The exclusive Masters of the Universe Classics figures are sold as-in with no returns or exchanges. All sales are final.


Power-Con T-Shirt Pre-Orders

The 2016 show will feature four different t-shirt designs similar to previous years, be available in a limited color selection, and available in adult sizes S-XXL. T-shirts will be PRE-ORDER ONLY and must be picked up at the convention; they will not be shipped. More information will be available soon.

Have more questions?
Be sure to click here and check out our FAQ post! We update it as more questions come in.

Continue to check out the Power-Con website for updates on guests, programming, and t-shirt orders! Be sure to subscribe to our mailing list to receive all this information and more right to your inbox!