Info & FAQ

Power-Con: The He-Man and She-Ra Toy & Comic Book Experience
September 9 & 10, 2017

Located at the Torrance Marriott Redondo Beach hotel
3635 Fashion Way
Torrance, California 90503, USA (South Bay, southwest Los Angeles)
If you need hotel reservations, please click here to check out Hotel section on this site.

Saturday, September 9th: 10am to 6pm
Sunday, September 10th: 10am to 5pm

Attendee, Non-Attendee, and Exhibitor registration begins Saturday, April 8th at 9am Pacific / 12 noon Eastern.
Volunteer and Press registration begins late-April.

Day passes (Saturday or Sunday): $25.00 each, online and at the door
Weekend passes (only available online until Friday, August 25th): $40.00 each
Power Passes (extremely limited; only available online): $150.00 each
Kids 12 and under get it for FREE! Must be accompanied by a parent or guardian 18 years or older.

Parking is available at the Torrance Marriott Redondo Beach for a special self-parking rate of $8.00 per vehicle per day with in and out privileges, for Power-Con attendees only. Proof of badge or wristband required. Please check with the hotel doorman when you are preparing to leave the parking deck.

Guests will be revealed on a regular basis as the convention draws closer.
Panel programming will be revealed prior to the convention.


Q. There’s a lot of info in this FAQ. Was any of this announced?
A. Much of this info has been posted as news articles on the website, shared on social media accounts, or posted on the He-Man.Org forums. But, we strongly encourage every person to sign up to our mailing list. ALL important announcements are sent to the mailing list. And it’s great to have that info delivered straight to your Inbox. Please click here to sign up for our mailing list!

Q. I already placed my order, but I decided I’d like to add some additional items. Is it possible to do this?
A. Yes. What you will need to do is place a second order, but this time WITHOUT a pass. Then, e-mail us both of your order numbers along with a request to combine them. In a few days, we will send you a new order summary that has both orders combined into one single order. But, please remember that Attendees are still limited to a max of 5 MOTUSCLE slime cans and 5 Earl Norem premium print sets.
Please note that you MUST contact us with both order numbers and a request to combine them. The system does not alert us to you having multiple orders so you MUST alert us! If you do not, your new order will be quickly cancelled and refunded.

Q. As a Non-Attendee, how many of each MOTUC 3-pack can I order?
A. You can purchase up to 10 of each MOTUC 3-pack.

Q. As an Attendee, how many of each MOTUC 3-pack can I order?
A. There is no limit on how many MOTUC 3-packs you can order for pick-up at the show. All Attendee orders must be picked up by the person who placed the order. The name on the order, and name on the ID need to match when claiming the items at Power-Con.

Q. I’m a Non-Attendee and I REALLY want a Wave 2 M.O.T.U.S.C.L.E. Slime Can and the Earl Norem premium print set. Would you help me out?
A. Sorry, but these are exclusive to Attendees and Exhibitors. They are limited to 5 per order, so if you know someone attending the show, we suggest asking that person if they could help you out. If either of these items do not sell out during pre-sales, and then do not sell out at the convention, we will probably sell the remainder on eBay after the show.

Q. What are the production numbers of the exclusives?
A. We are unable to provide any information in regards to production numbers, quotas, etc.

Q. Do I need to register an account to pre-order my tickets, passes, exclusives?
A. No. Everything is done via an online shopping cart. You do not need to have a prior registered ID to login like you do at some of the really large conventions.

Q. There’s a password on the links for Non-Attendees and Attendee sales. How do I get that password?
A. The password is only there until the sales go live on Saturday, April 8th at 9:00am Pacific / 12:00 noon Eastern. At that time, the passwords will be removed, the links will be made public, and you can click on those links to start your pre-order.
UPDATE: this password has been removed and now the shopping cart is accessible. You will be able to add items when the sale starts.

Q. Do we purchase our ticket / access pass separately from the exclusives?
A. Yes, but they are all ordered at the same time. Once everything is in your checkout cart, the items are secure for 15 minutes as long as you complete your order within that time frame. If you do not complete your order during checkout, you will not be charged for a pass or any exclusives that were in your cart, and those items will be returned to inventory.

Q. So exactly how does the pre-order process work?
A. We have walk-through videos to explain the process.
Click here for the Attendee ordering walk-through video.
Click here for the Non-Attendee ordering walk-through video.

Q. I’m ordering a Power Pass. How do I claim my free t-shirt?
A. We will contact you about what free shirt you want for each pass after you have completed your order. Do not order additional souvenir t-shirts unless you want more than the one free t-shirt that comes with the Power Pass.

Q. It looks like I can proceed to checkout without an Attendee or Non-Attendee pass. Does this mean I can skip those and just order the exclusives?
A. No. The system is unable to make you automatically purchase an Attendee or Non-Attendee pass. But, they are required. So if you place an order without a pass, your order will be cancelled and refunded. Be sure to have at least one pass in your shopping cart before you complete your order!

Q. How much will shipping/handling be on the exclusives for Non-Attendees?
A. First off, all Non-Attendees have to purchase the $25 merchandise access pass (MAP). The MAP covers a number of different fees and expenses, and helps us keep the individual exclusives cheaper. In addition to that, the 3-packs will be charged a shipping and handling fee which covers the cost of the courier, and the cost of the fulfillment center to pack and ship orders, the cost of shipping materials, etc. USA orders will be sent using FedEx Ground. International orders will be shipped using USPS Priority. Rates will be shown in the online shopping cart while placing a pre-order.

Q. Wow, that shipping, especially international shipping, is expensive. Is there any way to get it cheaper?
A. Unfortunately, shipping costs are out of our control, and we’re also a once-a-year show so we can’t negotiate cheap shipping discounts like companies that ship on a daily basis.
But shipping is not the only cost involved. Last year, we offered a bundle price. So you didn’t see the breakdown of all the little things that go into the cost of fulfillment. This year you see more of the breakdown, but the price per figure isn’t far off from last year. And in many cases, it’s actually cheaper this year (see the next question and answer for info on the cost per figure).
As far as what contributes to cost, last year we had fans donating labor. This year, we have to pay for the labor of a fulfillment center. Last year we paid for rental of a room in the hotel to act as a point of shipping. This year, we pay for freight to ship them to the fulfillment center. Then there’s shipping supplies, and percent of the money that goes to the ticket vendor then the gateway merchant, and so forth. It all adds up quickly.
Where BBTS rolls things like their labor, warehouse costs, overhead, etc, into the cost of the figure and only charges their discounted shipping, we do the opposite. We charge a bare minimal markup on the exclusives to help pay for the show, and then roll everything else into the shipping, handling and fulfillment. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be fair to Attendees for them to pay part of all the different costs and fees to send these figures to Non-Attendees so Non-Attendees could pay less.
But if you’re a German fan, we posted some information about two German outlets that may be able to help you get them cheaper. This might also help other fans in the European Union. Please click here for more info
If you want, you can also explore getting them from resellers like BigBadToyStore. Our Non-Attendee ordering is just one option, and we encourage you to find the one that’s right for you.

Q. Does that shipping cost mean the exclusives end up being more expensive this year?
A. No. Instead, they average out to be cheaper than last year in most instances. For example:
For 2016,
the total cost for one 6″ figure mailed in the USA was $80.00,
and the total cost for two 6″ figures mailed in the USA was $128.00 which equaled $64.00 per figure.
But for this year’s 2017 show,
the total cost for one 3-pack in the USA is $190.00 which equals $63.33 per figure,
the total cost for two 3-packs in the USA is $315.00 which equals $52.50 per figure,
the total cost for three 3-packs in the USA is $443.00 which equals $49.22 per figure,
and it continues to go down from there on average price.

Q. I’m a Non-Attendee that is ordering different quantities of each 3-Pack. Why does it show one high shipping cost for one 3-Pack and a much lower shipping cost for the other 3-Pack?
A. Ultimately, it’s all about the TOTAL cost of the shipping, and not what it shows per 3-pack if you order both sets. The system is pulling from a database that has shipping prices for quantities. For example, there’s a total shipping price for two (whether you order two of one 3-pack, or one of each 3-Pack), and so forth. If you order different quantities of each 3-pack, the system splits the shipping into two different amounts across both 3-packs. We’re not sure why they broke it down the way they did, as visually it’s confusing to have one amount that’s very high and one that’s very low. But there must be some technical reason.

Q. It looks like I can only enter my billing address. As a Non-Attendee, what if I need to use a separate address for shipping of my exclusives?
A. UPDATE: this has since been fixed and you can add a shipping address now for new orders (see next question). For orders placed before this option was added:
You can contact us via our About & Contact page to add a shipping address, if it differs from your billing address. Please be sure to include your first and last name, and your order number when you send us your different shipping address. And sorry for the extra step in the process. Click here to contact us.

Q. I saw during checkout there is a questionnaire that lets me enter a different shipping address, which I filled out. But, when I got my receipt, it only shows my billing address. Is something wrong?
A. Nope, you have nothing to worry about. The questionnaire responses do not show up on your receipt. But rest assured, if you entered a shipping address in the answer to that questionnaire, it was recorded into your order. Still, if it would make you feel more at ease to write us and verify, we completely understand and you are more than welcome to contact us.

Q. I got this annoying AVS mismatch error that says my order has been declined. But, my credit card/bank tells me the order has been charged. How do I get this fixed?
A. We have some strong fraud protection settings in place. But they ended up being a bit TOO protective, and it resulted in orders (mostly from international fans) getting hit with AVS errors and a subsequent declined transaction. Eventually we fine-tuned the settings and now previously declined cards should process on a new pre-order without any problems.
The side-effect is the bank/card for some of these declined orders showed the funds are being accepted, despite having a failed checkout on the Power-Con site. What happens is the hold on the authorized funds will remain on the card until the card issuing bank removes the authorization. As a result, the held funds may be subtracted from the customer’s available balance, and an online statement may show the authorization request, which might be mistaken for an actual charge. Most card issuing banks will remove authorizations within 3-7 days if they are not claimed for settlement. Any fans who have experienced this may want to wait until any authorizations are released back to you before trying again since Non-Attendees have until April 30th to pre-order the 3-pack exclusives. We’d prefer that you have your funds fully returned so you feel more comfortable when re-attempting a new pre-order.

Q. I see on my completed Non-Attendee order that my items say “Will Call.” But I need these shipped to me. Is something wrong with my order?
A. Nope, everything is perfectly fine! We can only mark passes and items as “Will Call” or “Print at Home” because it’s a ticketing system and they deal mostly with tickets. But have no worries. All Non-Attendee items WILL be shipped to you, so please ignore any “Will Call” designations on your receipt.

Q. How long will the pre-orders last for the MOTUC 3-Pack exclusives?
A. The MOTUC 3-packs are made-to-order. And the pre-order for these ends on Sunday, April 30th. This date is subject to change.

Q. How long will the pre-orders last for the Wave 2 M.O.T.U.S.C.L.E. Slime Can and the Earl Norem premium print set?
A. Pre-orders for these two items will end on Friday, August 25th, or when they sell out, whichever comes first. Both of these items are limited so it’s possible they might sell out quickly. But if they don’t sell out by August 25th, the remainder will be available for sale at Power-Con.

Q. How long will the pre-orders last for the souvenir t-shirts?
A. Pre-orders for the souvenir t-shirts will end on Friday, August 18th. You will pick up your t-shirts at Registration when you check-in with your pass barcode. Shirts are pre-order only. It’s possible we might have an extremely small supply of black shirts for sale at the show, but there are no guarantees. So if you want to secure specific sizes, colors and designs, please be sure to pre-order along with your passes and other exclusives.

Q. Are we reserving the pre-order with our credit card? Or are we paying in full?
A. Attendees, Non-Attendees and Exhibitors will be paying in full for their passes, exclusives, and shipping if applicable.

Q. Why are you not offering PayPal as a payment option?
A. We used PayPal in 2016. But when it came time to withdraw money, PayPal placed a hold on the funds. As a result, this caused massive trouble for the show, and eventually cost the convention even more money because we had to explore short-term loan options for considerable amounts. So with 2017 and possible future shows, we cannot take this risk again with PayPal and will no longer offer it as an option. Our apologies for any inconvenience.

Q. I got a receipt for my order but only got barcodes for my Attendee passes. So how do I claim the exclusives at Power-Con?
A. Like in 2016, Attendees will check-in at Registration. You will use your pass barcodes to get your Saturday, Sunday, Weekend or Power Passes. After scanning your pass barcodes, the people working at Registration will have access to your entire order. At that time, they will give you everything you need to pick-up your exclusives. Souvenir t-shirts will be given to you at Registration during check-in. And special redemption tickets will be given to you for the exclusives, that you then take to the Toy Room to redeem for your exclusives at any point during Toy Room hours (which will be posted at the show and listed in the program guide available at the Registration desk). Do NOT lose your redemption tickets for your exclusives, as they will NOT be replaced. Keep them securely on your person at all times until you choose to redeem them at Power-Con’s Toy Room.
The volunteer staff managing the Toy Room will stamp your redemption ticket(s) and give you the corresponding exclusives. You can keep the stamped redemption ticket(s) as a souvenir if you’d like. Once they are stamped, they are no longer valid.
You will also be required to sign a pick-up sheet that verifies you have received the exclusives and understand and agree to our on-site policies.

Q. Does the shipping for Non-Attendee exclusives include tracking?
A. All Non-Attendee orders will have trackable shipping. This tracking number should be e-mailed to you, via the e-mail address on file with your order, soon after the order has shipped by the fulfillment center. You will be able to check that tracking at if you are an International fan or if you are a domestic fan. With that said, it is completely up to the courier to scan the tracking barcode during transit and update the system. Even though mistakes sometimes happen, there should still be a point of origin/received scan at the Post Office / FedEx to show you the package has been mailed.

Q. Can I insure my Non-Attendee order?
A. All Non-Attendee orders automatically come with insurance, to protect against damages caused during transit from the fulfillment center to the Non-Attendee’s address.

Q. When will the exclusives ship for Non-Attendees?
A. Non-Attendee exclusives are planned to ship within 8 weeks after the convention. But we hope they go out much sooner.

Q. What if I need to change my shipping address?
A. If your shipping address changes at some point after you place your order, contact us via the form on our website ASAP so that we can modify your order information. Be sure to include your first and last name, and your order number shown on the receipt you previously received. We will NOT be able to accept any address updates after Friday, August 18th, 2017.

Q. Who is handling the shipping of the exclusives for Non-Attendees?
A. A fulfillment center. They have been instructed on proper and secure packing to make sure exclusives are packed safely with cushion within all sides of the shipping box.

Q. Do we have to pay sales tax or customs on our tickets, access pass, exclusives?
A. The prices you see are the final prices after all taxes and fees have been factored into the price. If you are a Non-Attendee and your shipment will be received outside of the United States, you are responsible for any customs charges/taxes/duties/etc that occur when you receive your shipment.

Q. Can we buy our tickets at Power-Con to enter the show?
A. If you are not interested in exclusives or souvenir t-shirts, and just want to attend the show, you can purchase Saturday and/or Sunday passes at the door. But, if you want any of the exclusives, there will not be any available if they sell out during the pre-order. We encourage anyone who wants exclusives to pre-order while supplies last. Also, Power Passes and Weekend Passes are online-only. Power Passes are subject to early sell-out. Weekend passes will be available to purchase until Friday, August 25th, 2017.

Q. Do the exclusives feature any new sculpting or tooling to change their look or modify the joints and features?
A. Some. The 3-pack containing minicomic Stratos, Trap Jaw, and Prince Adam contain a small amount of new tooling. Everything else is a repaint of an existing part.

Q. Will there be customer service stock of the exclusives in case people get figures that are somehow incomplete, broken, or painted incorrectly and need replacements?
A. If you received an item that contains a severe factory error or defect, you can contact us to discuss it. BUT as a general policy, do to the limited nature of the items, the exclusives are sold as-is and are non-refundable. So do not pre-order the exclusives if you are not comfortable with that risk. All sales are final.

Q. What if I pre-ordered an Attendee pass / exclusives and now can no longer make it to the convention?
A. If you have one of the following: a medical emergency, family emergency, or death in the family, we will refund your Power-Con purchases in full. The only condition is that you must provide some proof. We appreciate everyone’s understanding in this matter as we realize it can be a delicate subject. Otherwise, the Power-Con Attendee tickets and exclusive purchases are non-refundable. If your exclusives are not picked up by 3pm Pacific on Sunday, September 10th, 2017, your order will be forfeited. If you are worried that you will not be able to attend, it is recommended that you purchase a Non-Attendee ticket and have your exclusives shipped. Alternatively, you could make an arrangement through another attending fan who can first purchase the exclusives for you and pick them up at the show. That Attendee would be bound by the limits of what an Attendee can purchase for themselves; they would not be able to pick up a separate order for you.

Q. If I pre-order as a Non-Attendee and then find out I AM able to attend the show, will there be a way to “transfer” our reservation to Attendee and pick up our exclusives at the show?
A. Yes. Please contact Power-Con directly via our website’s Contact form so we can make the necessary adjustment. If the upgrade results in you being owed a balance, you will be refunded this amount. Please note that any such upgrade must be done within 60 days of your original pre-order so you can avoid additional fees being deducted from your upgrade refund.

Q. Is the reverse also true? Meaning, if I purchase an Attendee package and then find out closer to the show that I cannot attend, will it be possible to then switch it to a Non-Attendee package and pay the difference on shipping?
A. No. Attendee tickets and exclusive pickups are non-refundable. If you feel there is a chance you cannot make it, we strongly recommend that you purchase a Non-Attendee pass and have the exclusives shipped.