Updated: 1 September 2017. Continue to check back as we are now actively announcing exhibitors.

Animation Ink Archive is one of the world’s largest dealers in original production animation art and movie props. With over sixteen million cels, drawings, backgrounds and concept art they own the largest private collection in the world! In our collection, they have the archive of Filmation Studios inducing its art, sheet music, letters and even its 35mm projector they would screen the shows on.

Anime Coast specializes in rare, out-of-print anime art books, figures, toys, and collectibles. They also deal in 80s toys like He-Man, My Little Pony, Transformers and many others! And they are always buying, selling and trading.

The Awesome Plague
 will be at Power-Con with various Masters Of The Universe items as well as figures from Blackstar, Sectaurs, Thundercats, The Warlord and more!

Rob Ayotte
is an illustrator from Minneapolis, MN, currently residing in Texas, who has been inspired by Masters of the Universe for a lifetime. He and his wife, Carla run Ayota Illustration, a design company focusing on book covers, album covers, event posters and t-shirt design. Ayota Illustration also has online shops showcasing pre-historic 1980s and undead inspired merchandise. Rob has been working on a new set of Masters of the Universe illustrations specifically for Power-Con. Look for updates and sneak peeks to his new epic MOTU inspired work on Instagram and Facebook.

Bat4Life1 Collectibles is excited to be returning for its second year to Power-Con. They’ve been a reputable source for collectible toys for over eleven years and they’ve shipped to over twenty countries around the world. Bat4life1 Collectibles will again be bringing your favorite MOTU Classics like He-Man and She-Ra collectible toys from Matty Collector for sale. Their collection includes rare and hard to find figures you won’t find in stores or online. They’ll also be bringing other childhood favorites like WWE Legends, ThunderCats, DC Comics toys and more! Be sure to stop by their booth to help complete your collection.

Beastnerd Studios is a company that provides super cool merchandise from prints, stickers, t-shirts, and more of original and classic pop culture characters. For the past three years Beastnerd Studios has been an exhibitor at various cons and is truly excited to be at Power-Con this year. Being a huge MOTU fan helps the owner, artist, and tattoo artist Juan Zamora-Magana, aka HELLWIZARD, to bring to life his version of these beloved characters. Beastnerd Studios can’t wait to showcase some great new MOTU artwork that will be available for you to own.

Selling everything except the time machine itself, this spot is a blast from the past that will ignite sparks of nostalgia in any child of 60s, 70s, or 80s. Billy Galaxy has been providing investment and displays quality vintage toys, comic books, posters, records, and other collectibles since 1995.

BobaKhan Toys is out of Everett, Washington, north of Seattle, and is the Pacific Northwest’s premier destination for action figures, vintage to present day toys and collectibles, as well as older comics & video games. They specialize in 80’s goodness – He-Man, She-Ra, TMNT and Thundercats, as well as Star Wars and other entertainment related merchandise.

Dealing in new and vintage toys, Cape and Cowl Collectibles will have both sealed and loose figures from MOTU, TMNT, Star Wars, GI Joe, and more. We buy and sell, and are always looking for more toys and Magic the Gathering cards.

Lamont Hunt is an animator and illustrator who has worked on projects like “The Nut Job 2” and “Sid the Science Kid”. In the past couple years, Lamont has illustrated two children’s books. DakotaKid Creations was created as a way to share Lamont’s love of nostalgia and childhood, mostly through his series “At The Playground”. The series tries to show the imagination of kids at play, pretending to be their favorite heroes or villains! At the DakotaKid Creations booth, you’ll find plenty of “Masters of the Universe” illustrations, along with other 80s and 90s inspired pop culture prints, illustrations, and metal sculptures.

DGArt sells original production-used animation specializing in He-Man & She-Ra. They are all about keeping cherished pieces in the hands of fans! As a result, they have prices for practically every budget. All of their items are original including the backgrounds! No lithos or color copies at DGArt.

Far West Toys, a company located in Bountiful, Utah, have been in business for the last two years. They sell online merchandise like loose action figures and sealed statues, movie posters, retro video games and more. They also attend different conventions around the country. At Power-Con, they will be selling MOTU, ThunderCats, horror-themed and other action figures, t-shirts and more.

FauxPop Media will be screening the Power of Grayskull: The Definitive History of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe documentary at Power-Con 2017.

Han Cholo is a jewelry company made for nerds by nerds. Brandon Schoolhouse and the team create some of the most unique jewelry pieces for major licenses like Voltron, Masters of the Universe, Universal Monsters and much more. Each and every piece of jewelry is created and designed with tons of thought to give it the authentic feel of whatever fandom it is being created for. Han Cholo always puts quality first and has been doing so since 2003 and it doesn’t look like they’re stopping anytime soon. Han Cholo will have some special reveals for Power-Con so don’t miss out!

José Luis Mourelle has worked for many brands such as Lucasfilm, Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, Marvel, Disney, Dreamworks, and Televisa sculpting their promo figures. He has dedicated his free time as Hombre X Customs to sculpt all those figures never released in 80s toy lines such as MOTU, ThunderCats and Star Wars, and has received much positive criticism and the recognition of the fans at different forums by the pristine work he has done. At Power-Con, he will offer his custom work and some Rare Mexican Bootlegs from the 80s!

John F. Carroll is a voice actor, director, and writer. He’ll be offering his film Playtime Masters as well as copies of his published plays and MOTU collectibles.

Johnny Bilson replicates the costumes, armor, and weapons of the Masters of the Universe characters with outstanding accuracy and attention to detail. He has played Tri-Klops in several fan-films including Daniel Benedict’s Fall of Grayskull, for which Johnny also made many of the costumes and choreographed the fighting. He has recently directed his first short film, The Lost, which ties into another 80s classic, The Lost Boys, and has plans for many new adventures of various 80s icons.

LA improv comedy group The Lusty Horde joins Power-Con to present a special live Masters of the Universe improv comedy show. Based on your suggestions during the show, The Horde will create a hilarious, completely improvised adventure set in Eternia and beyond. This is an all-ages show. For over ten years, The Lusty Horde has been performing fully-improvised sci-fi fantasy adventure shows for audience across the globe. Combining the best (and worst) of popular culture, midnight movies, 80s cartoons, and schlocky horror, The Horde weaves a hilarious intergalactic tapestry of thrills and action unlike anything you’ve ever witnessed.

Known as one of the most prestigious collectors in Mexico, Rodrigo AKA Madhunter has one of the biggest retro toys YouTube channels in the world. His collection treasures some of the rarest foreign variations from the popular 70s and 80s toy lines. Specialized in the Mexican MOTU figures “Los Amos” he hunts all around the world looking for jewels of “modern archeology”. He will do whatever it takes to get the rarest toys, that why he is called “The Mad Hunter”. Reach for him at his booth if you want to sell, buy or trade. He will be more than happy to talk about the vintage toy universe!

Long time toy addict and accumulator of awesome toys from the 1980s and their modern counterparts! Mike’s Toys usually have awesome deals on He-Man, Thundercats, Star Wars, GI Joe, Transformers and somewhat newer Japanese imports plus numerous other toy and collectible lines. For 2017 they are going big with triple the space from last Power-Con.

Nick Hernandez is a local hobby artist and collector who has been selling his art and collectibles online for years. He will be bringing his original cartoon style fan art to the show.

Scott Zillner is a world renown toy collector and has been a vendor since the age of fourteen. On top of that, he is also an accomplished toy prototype painter and has made several TV appearances for his love of toys. He will be bringing lots of vintage toys to the show as well as original toy artwork and prototypes. You won’t want to miss his booth.

A band of resin toy artists come together to rule the universe for one event only! One of a kind and very limited edition run designer toys available by the biggest names in the underground art toy scene. Scott “Barbarian Rage” Cherry, Tim “ETC Toys” Harrison, Viktor “Viktors Vintage” Sigursveinsson, Dov “DKE Toys” and so many more from the Mightiest Toy Warriors In The Universe! Feel the power ripple from here to eternity by joining us in the realm of Designer Toys!

Richard Garcia is a graphic artist for an apparel company, creating and illustrating designs for licensed products. He has also worked in the video game industry as a concept and 3D designer. He will be selling prints of his Lil’ Masters and Lil’ Princess of Power series, along with other favorite 80s cartoon characters done in his Lil’ style.

Santiago Salvador is an LA artist, musician, gamer, creator, Masters of the Universe fan. He will have on display and for sale vintage, 200x, Classics, and Loyal
Subjects MOTU, including some unique and strange customs. There will also be some rare Eternian Artifact Jewelry and more you’re not going to want to miss! Come check it out!

Super7 currently produces the widely popular Masters of the Universe ClassicsUltimates, and Filmation adult collector action figures along with a variety of officially licensed He-Man and She-Ra merchandise! In 2001, Super7 started as a magazine about vintage Japanese toys. In 2016, they launched new ReAction Figures with characters from Masters of the Universe and Street Fighter. In addition, the M.U.S.C.L.E. line was expanded with Alien figures.

Tom Bryski is a professional animator/illustrator from Chicago, Illinois. He currently leads a team of artists at WMS Gaming and has worked on a wide variety of licensed properties including Lord of the Rings, Marvel’s Iron Man, Beetlejuice, Universal Monsters, Star Trek, and James Bond. Tom has also illustrated for Disney Adventure Magazine and has done animation work with General Mills cereals. Tom will be offering prints, buttons, magnets, t-shirts, and original artwork.

Turbines To Speed Comics and Toys will proudly return to Power-Con from their home in North Carolina with a wide range of vintage and modern action figures, comics, and related merchandise. This will include many Masters of the Universe and Princess of Power collectibles from the ’80s to current, along with other toys and fun stuff from the same neighborhood.

Quest Miniatures making their debut Con showing their newly hand sculpted Masters of the Universe Miniature line. This collection of highly detailed miniatures for painting and collecting will be inspired by the classic Filmation style and cast in metal. Quest Miniatures produces 32mm or 1:48 scale metal models that fit into the cartoon, comic, fantasy, video game, science fiction genre. Join Quest Miniatures at Power-Con!

J. Kowalski started Yo Joe Depot five years ago because of the nostalgia associated with the toys he grew up with. Star Wars, G.I. Joe, and Masters of the Universe are the top three toys lines he enjoys collecting, but certainly not limited to since getting into the toy biz. He provides a great mix of new and vintage toys, along with some rare and unusual pieces to catch your attention. Yo Joe Depot can be found at major conventions along the west coast and now can be met at office location opening in Sorrento Valley where online operations are conducted.

Zoloworld is #1 in the industry for manufacturing archival action figure protective cases. They also make their own line of toys. Be sure to check out the newest selection of the Realm Of The Underworld action figures as well as new reveals of some future upcoming pre-orders! Also be sure to check out the Power-Con exclusive: FUGAZILES! This exclusive figure will be super limited so do not miss your chance to get it. Zoloworld will not only be bringing protective cases and exclusives, they will be bringing some back stock ROTU figures as well! If you are looking to fill holes in your collection, be sure to stop by the Zworld booth and check out the inventory! Supplies are limited!


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