Mattel — the entity responsible for bringing us the most powerful toys in the universe: Masters of the Universe and Princess of Power, will be in attendance at this year’s Power-Con!

Through their MattyCollector.com site, Mattel currently produces the adult collector line Masters of the Universe Classics that encompasses figures from the original He-Man and She-Ra toylines, as well as characters from the Filmation, Jetlag, and Mike Young Productions cartoon series.


AnimeCoast specializes in rare, out-of-print and hard-to-find anime art-books. They also sell toys, posters, plushies, anime figures and statues, DVDs, manga, and ’80s toys and collectibles.


Anthony Von Geek is a multi talented artist known for his geek based art. He’s also known for doing geek related tattoos as well as a toy photographer, action figure customizer and action figure diorama builder. He will be selling prints of his art and have some of his custom dioramas and custom action figures on display.


Los Angeles based illustrator/animator/TV editor Nick Ferrell (aka The Bad Beard) has been doing two things since he was five years old: growing facial hair and doodling Masters of the Universe characters. And the decades of practice have made him moderately adept at both. The Bad Beard will have various MOTU and other pop culture inspired art prints, stickers, buttons and greeting cards for sale at his table along with a sneak peek at his work-in-progress animated short, “Ask Skeletor”.


Jose is the owner and distributer of Bat4Life1 Collectibles Ebay Store. Up for sale are MOTUC He-Man and She-Ra collectible toys from Matty Collector as well as WWE wrestling figures from both your favorite 1990’s Legends to today’s Superstars! Also available are rare, hard to find Matty Collector items that you won’t find in stores or online. Bat4Life1 Collectibles has been a reputable source for collectible toys for over ten years and has shipped to over 20 countries around the world. Be sure to stop by the booth to complete your Masters of the Universe Collection and MORE!


Since 1995, Billy Galaxy has provided the finest in vintage toys and collectibles. He will no doubt have many mainstays of Power-Con available at his booth as well as other popular vintage items from Star Wars, G.I. Joe, Disney, Marvel & DC Comics. There will also be an interesting selection of some more esoteric fantasy toy lines such as LJN’s Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, Arco the Other World and interesting foreign releases. Billy likes the weird old stuff and is always happy to buy or trade.


BobaKhan Toy Store is based out of Everett, Washington, north of Seattle, and is that area’s premier destination for action figures, vintage to present day toys and collectibles, as well as older comics & video games. They specialize in 80’s goodness: He-Man, She-Ra, TMNT and Thundercats, as well as Star Wars and other entertainment related merchandise.


Lamont Hunt is a local Los Angeles animator and illustrator, with work ranging from commercials to short films to work on the upcoming feature film, “The Nut Job 2.” A child of the 80s, Lamont tries to bring childhood and innocence through his artwork. He pulls much of his inspiration for his drawings from the pop culture he grew up on, such as He-Man, Transformers and ThunderCats. You will find his originals and prints at the DakotaKid Creations table.


Felipe Smith is the creator of PEEPO CHOO, the first manga series created by a Westerner for the Japanese comic book market; serialized in Kodansha’s Morning 2 Magazine. He is also Creator & Writer/Artist of Marvel’s All-New Ghost Rider, writer of Ghost Racers, and character designer on Nickelodeon’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles animated TV show. Felipe will be offering prints, t-shirts, and original artwork.


With over fifteen thousand registered users, The Fwoosh is one the most popular website communities for action figure collectors and customizers. As long time fans of He-Man, She-Ra, and all of the Masters of the Universe, The Fwoosh will be making their convention debut at Power-Con. They will have a variety of prints available for sale from their talented photographers including fan-favorite Matthew Kloberdanz (Matthew K), which will feature many of your favorite characters and action figures. Additionally, they will have photo set-ups and dioramas on-hand for tutorials and photo-opportunities. Finally, their latest endeavor, Articulated Icons: The Feudal Series will be on hand, and they will be selling the exclusive Blue Shinobi figure at the show!


He-Mike has been customizing Masters of the Universe Classics since the line’s debut and will be displaying a wide variety of custom figures, beasts and vehicles. A selection of Power-Con exclusive custom figures will be on sale.


Jose Luis Mourelle has created sculpts based on many brands such as Lucasfilm, Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, Marvel, Disney, DreamWorks, and Televisa producing their promo figures. He has dedicated his free time to sculpting figures never released in 80s toy lines such as MOTU, ThunderCats and Star Wars, and he has received praise and the recognition of the fans at many forums for the pristine work he has produced.


Jim Pansen is known for creating outstanding third party add-on kits for use with 6 inch action figures, including Masters of the Universe. You will be able to purchase some of his kits at Power-Con and for the first time JPC will offer a hand full of one of a kind, complete custom figures!


The Loyal Subjects was born in 2009. Their Mission? Let’s have fun, do what we like and keep true to a creative spirit. TLS will be releasing fully licensed, fantastic Masters of the Universe vinyl figures this year. They already have a successful history with releases from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Power Rangers, and more!


Major Skerrett will be offering original designs and stylized recreations based on Masters of the Universe. Pieces for sale will include a range of techniques and mediums including, acrylics, canvas, engraved glassware and pyrography. All materials are reclaimed or up-cycled.


Jon English (MasterEnglish) has been a He-Man fan since growing up with the toys in the 80s. He has been customizing Masters Of the Universe Classics figures since the very first figures were released, starting with Beast Man. He customized him into a fully flocked Moss Man which ended up being featured in Toyfare’s Homemade Heroes section. Since then, he has done countless customs for himself and others, including many self created characters, as well as figures one never thought might ever make it into production! At the show, MasterEnglish will be selling many custom sculpted accessories as well as some custom carded figures and other goodies.


At past Power-Cons, Mern-Ra’s Madness has sold rare items such as the Battle Cat Ride-On, custom 200X Snake Mountain, 2 level vintage trunk/toychest, Power Tour items, 200X Chase Figures, as well as many other MOC and loose figures & merchandise. This year he’ll have a nearly complete loose vintage MOTU collection, many MOC & loose MOTUC figures, MOTU merchandise, comics, TPB’s, and a loose parts bin for customizers!


Mike’s Toys is a long time collector and seller. He deals in those great toy franchises that started in the 70s and 80s. Mostly modern from Hasbro, NECA, Lego and Mattel.


A celebration of everyone’s favorite forest pine scented hero! Husband and wife art team Joe and Sarah Feliciano are coming to Power-con 2016 with original art, hand-made needle felted sculptures and more. And it’s all about our favorite fuzzy flocked protector of the forest, Moss Man. It’s going to be totally Mossome!


Murray Brothers Creative is the collaborative work of twin brothers Jason and Sean Murray, featuring fantasy, science fiction, and fan based vector art. They will be premiering new MOTU pin up art along with cartoon parody art. Also they plan to have a special series of buttons related to the original cartoon’s characters.


Mystical Warriors of the Ring make their return to Power-Con! This Midwestern based independent toy line launched at Power-Con 2013 and produces a line of animal wrestling figures and comics that are enjoyed by fans around the world.


October Toys is an award winning independent toy company based in Los Angeles, CA that produces a number of in-house brands such as OMFG mini figures as well as licensed lines such as Skeleton Warriors action figures. With over 20 years of production experience, owners George & Ayleen Gaspar focus on creating fun, quality products while bringing their passion for toys, art, and design to every project.


For over 15 years, Shawn at PhiliPro has been designing, customizing, and creating toys and costumes. From pro wrestling gear appearing all over the world to retro-styled action figures the fit right into your collection, Shawn specializes in custom leather mask making, head-to-toe costume design, toy packaging design, custom paint application, custom sculpting, molding and casting services, and anything in between.
Expect to see: Custom leather wrestling masks; Loose and custom packaged custom action figures (some for sale, some only for display); custom fodder from wrestling figures of all brands, MOTU vintage and classics, and many other retro and current parts. Plus some of Shawn’s personal collection that may include off prototypes, test shots, and retail release pieces.


Playtime Masters will explore the stories and experiences of Masters of the Universe fans and their childhood memories connected to the brand. You can meet John Carroll at Power-Con, where he will be filming for Playtime Masters at his table during the show. Be sure to stop by and find out how you can participate!


Power Morphicon and Robo Toy Fest are two southern California conventions ran by Scott Zillner. One about Power Rangers the second a robot and toy convention. When those conventions aren’t going, they are on the road hitting all of the other great toys shows and conventions possible. This Power Con is going to be very special as Scott is bringing a whole bunch of never-seen-before prototypes and test-shot He-Man and She-Ra action figures.


Richard Garcia is a long standing fan artist in the SoCal comic convention venue. After a few years working in the video game industry, he finally decided to focus squarely on freelance and fan works. From superheroes style to kid style art, his work has earned a following with fans online and in person.


Super7 began as a magazine about vintage Japanese toys are eventually built off of its success to develop more and more of their own toy and licensed merchandise. In 2015, Super7 opened their second store, this time in downtown San Diego, turning it into Skeletor’s Lair for San Diego Comic-Con, where they re-introduced the classic M.U.S.C.L.E. figures with a line of characters from Masters of the Universe. Super7 carries other unique MOTU items such as Retro Action Figures, pint glasses, and more.


Marty “THEGODBEAST” Hansen has worked 20+ years in the independent toy world, working with companies big and small. Based out of Kansas City, Marty brings his own mass produced action figure toy line the Kabuto Mushi and Titan Mushi Vinyl to Power-Con for the first time!


Tom Bryski is a professional animator/illustrator from Chicago, Illinois. He currently leads a team of artists at WMS Gaming and has worked on a wide variety of licensed properties; include Lord of the Rings, Marvel’s Iron Man, Beetlejuice, Universal Monsters, and Star Trek. Tom has also illustrated for Disney Adventure Magazine. Tom will be offering prints, t-shirts, and original artwork.


Pete LeRose and ToysandToons has brought many high value and rare MOTU items to market over the past 18 years. He’s been a staple vendor at every Power-Con show to date, and is known for having a wide variety of MOTU rarities and merchandise for collectors to choose from.


Turbines to Speed Comics and Toys will be visiting from North Carolina and is looking forward to offering a variety of vintage and modern action figures at Power-Con. This will include Masters of the Universe (naturally), Bravestarr, Sectaurs, Marvel Legends, Transformers, M.A.S.K. and more, along with a few Seventh Kingdom and Gothitropolis figures from the Four Horsemen.


Unique Movie Cars
has a surprise coming to Power-Con that really has bite! Why should you be excited? Well, for four decades the Sciortinos have been harmoniously designing and building cars and props for the movie and television industry. Ninety percent of the cars and props that are seen on TV and movies today as well as virtually those in all of the popular 1980’s and 1990’s TV series and movies have been built by this father and son team. And, what they will be bringing to Power-Con really dives into what He-Man fans love.


As a lifelong Masters of the Universe fan and artist, Dave Snedden has combined those passions, and is bringing the gnarly results to PowerCon 2016 under his moniker VigorusPizzaParty: classic MOTU characters reincarnated in a dark, grotesque, watercolor world. Original works and prints, pins, and shirts available.


Yo Joe Depot specializes in buying and selling toys and action figures from the 1980s. They have a strong focus on Star Wars, G.I. Joe and Masters of the Universe.


Zoloworld is #1 in the industry for manufacturing archival action figure protective cases. They also make their own line of toys. Zoloworld will be unveiling their newest selection of the Realm Of The Underworld action figures. Be sure to get the Powercon Exclusive: SHADOW WARRIOR KRYSIS. The exclusive figures will be super limited so do not miss your chance to get them. Zoloworld will be bringing protective cases for many lines including MOTU, Thundercats, TMNT and so much more!

Update August 31st, 2015: Exhibition space is now sold out! Please contact us below if you would like to be placed on our wait list in case any space becomes available due to cancellations.


Come and exhibit at the most powerful fan convention in the universe: POWER-CON! The 2016 convention is offering 6′ vendor tables and 10’x10’ booths where you can sell your goods and sport your art, customs, and more!

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