Power-Con 2017 – The Origins of He-Man.Org and the Episode Review Website Panel

We travel back to the early days of the internet as we learn directly from the pioneers who established the early roots of the online He-Man and She-Ra fan community along with some of the most prominent internet resources.
Featuring: Zadoc Angell, James Eatock, Matt Ratzloff, Adam Tyner
Moderator: Jon Kallis
Video editing: Daniel Benedict

Power-Con 2017 – Masters of Vintage Masters of the Universe Marketing Panel

Discover the origins of the vintage line and what was involved in taking it from concept to a worldwide action figure success.
Featuring: Paul Cleveland, Mark Ellis, Rudy Obrero
Moderator: Aidan Cross
Video editing: Daniel Benedict

Power-Con 2017 – 200X Comic Book Panel

ssue 1 debuted as the top pre-ordered comic for that month. And the 200X Masters of the Universe comic went on to be a fan-favorite over the course of its run from 2002 through 2004. Find out what went into making the He-Man comic produced by MVCreations.
Featuring: Matt Tyree, Jonboy Meyers, Leanne Hannah, Val Staples
Moderator: Pixel Dan Eardley
Video editing: Daniel Benedict

Power-Con 2018 – Live AudioPlay

It’s not just for Germans anymore! Come join Gunnar Sadlowski for a presentation of the most beloved German audioplay episode “Doppelganger”, with original music and sound effects, provided by the Production Firm. Enjoy a taste of what USA fans have missed out on for years.
Featuring: Daniel Benedict, Danielle Gelehrter, Matthias Brink, John F. Carroll, Pixel Dan Eardley, James Eatock, and more
Video editing: Daniel Benedict