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Power-Con’s 2019 location will be revealed very soon!

Pixel Dan will be revealing details on Power-Con’s 2019 venue in the near future. He’s going to give you info on the location, what it has to offer, and a visual walk-through of what to expect so you can come to the show armed with knowledge. Keep an eye out for that early next week or, if we’re lucky, even sooner!
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Power-Con 2018 – Bio Bonanza: The Cardback Stories from Masters of the Universe Classics Panel

Where minicomics were not always an option, MOTU Classics presented its canon mostly through bios featured on the card backs of the toys. Come learn about how this universe was created and how it continues today.
Featuring: Danielle Gelehrter, Eric Marshall, Scott Neitlich
Moderator: “Pixel Dan” Eardley
Video editing: Daniel Benedict

Power-Con 2018 – Creating the Stories of Filmation He-Man Panel

Filmation defined the canon of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe. Learn from the writers and directors who helped develop this world and created some of your favorite episodes from the 80s.
Featuring: Rowby Goren, Robert Lamb, Robby London, Tom Tataranowicz
Moderator: Zadoc Angell
Video editing: Daniel Benedict