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Update on Non-Attendee 3-Pack orders & address changes

We wanted to give an update for everyone who is waiting for their Non-Attendee shipment. Per the original pre-order details, the exclusives are planned to ship within eight weeks after Power-Con ended. That means we hope to have them all shipped by Monday, November 6th if all goes to plan and there’s no delays at customs when the boat shipment arrives.

This applies to pre-orders through Power-Con, BigBadToyStore, and our two German outlets. Fortunately the figures are on the boat on their way here and hopefully they’ll arrive sooner than later! We’ll keep you all updated when we have more info on the status of the shipment, and thank you for your support and patience!

There’s a couple other things we wanted to bring up while we have a chance:
plastic hardness on the exclusives, and updating your shipping address.

Plastic hardness and parts swapping on the 3-Packs:
MOTU artist and designer Nate Baertsch has posted a very helpful part-swapping guide for those of you who have or will soon be getting your Power-Con exclusive 3-packs. This is a new factory and the plastic ended up being a touch too hard which makes the head and weapon removal a bit more difficult.
That’s being improved for the next MOTUC releases from Super7. In the meantime, Nate has a guide on how to swap out the parts on these exclusives to help make things a bit easier for you with the figures!
Click here to read his guide on the He-Man.Org forums.

Updating your shipping address:
So what if you need to update your shipping address for your Power-Con exclusives?
You can contact us via our About & Contact page to add a shipping address if it differs from your billing address, or to update your existing shipping address. Please be sure to include your first and last name, and your order number when you send us your different shipping address. Click here to contact us.
The last day to submit a shipping address update will be Friday, September 29th. No more updates will be accepted after that!

What to expect from lines and check-in at Power-Con

Some have asked what to expect from lines this weekend. So we have some info to help you prepare:

  • Pre-ordering just guarantees you a pass (for example, weekend passes that were online only). Your pass(es) need to be claimed at Registration.
  • To check-in, you need your pass barcode(s) and a photo ID (driver’s license or passport). The ID must match a name on the pass order.
  • There’s just one line for everyone coming to Registration, but it moves fairly quickly as we have several people checking in Attendees. By noon on Saturday, we tend to have the line cleared and it doesn’t get too deep after that.
  • Once you have your pass, there is a second line for people with passes waiting to get into the show when it opens at 10am. After 10am when the show opens and the line clears for those waiting to get in, those of you still in the Registration line will be able to go directly into the convention after checking in at Registration.
  • If you are looking to get into the convention first thing at 10am on Saturday, we strongly recommend coming at 8am when Registration opens so you can get your pass(es) then get into the entrance line.
  • Please click here to see an overhead view of the hotel. It shows where Registration is located, the direction that the check-in line forms, and also where the Marriott parking deck is located. Please see our Info & FAQ to learn more about parking prices and how to get the convention discount.
  • We have an early check-in Friday night from 6pm to 8pm. If you are staying at the hotel, or are in the area and want to get a jump start on Saturday, you can come by and get your pre-orders then, and also buy Saturday passes.
  • Sunday passes will not be on sale until Sunday morning at 9am. Please do not ask to purchase these Saturday or during early Registration on Friday night.

We look forward to seeing you at the show!

Han Cholo jewelry premier at Power-Con

There are two sides of the battle of Good VS Evil on Eternia and they are coming to Power-Con! Check out the debut of the brand new Masters of the Universe Good VS Evil pin packs exclusively at the Han Cholo booth. Each pack of officially licensed Masters of the Universe enamel pins features 3 awesome pieces of MOTU gold. The first is the Good pin pack featuring He-Man, the mighty Battle Cat, and the Sword of Power. The Evil pin pack features Skeletor, the vicious Panthor, and Skeletor’s Sword of Destruction. Each pack is equipped with everything you’ll need to start your own battle for Grayskull.

Han Cholo is also rolling out to the show with other pieces from their awesome Masters of the universe jewelry line, along with jewelry from Dungeons and Dragons, Transformers, and many more of your favorites from the 80s. A portion of the pin packs are also available for pre-order on the Han Cholo web store. Quantities are limited so shop now!
And be sure to get your tickets to Power-Con, September 9th and 10th, in Torrance, California!

Earl Norem Premium Print Set – Finished Sample

Click on the image below to watch the video showing off a finished sample of the 2017 Power-Con exclusive Super7 Earl Norem Premium Print Set. This print set is sold out but we hope to have one on display for you to check out at Power-Con this September 9 & 10 in Torrance, California! Hope to see you at the show!
Click here to order your tickets today.

MOTUC Prints from Axel Giménez at Power-Con

Axel Giménez has been contributing his art and design to MOTUC for years, and most recently he provided the lineart for Super7’s MOTUC Ultimate Edition cardback illustrations and the covers for the faux minicomics. He also provided the lineart for the Power-Con exclusive 3-packs.

Now you can get this art to hang on your wall. Exclusive to Power-Con, Axel will be selling 11″x17″ prints for all the art mentioned above!

Be sure to stop by his table to purchase yours while they last. And as an added bonus, stop by the Four Horsemen’s booth to have your 3-pack prints or 3-pack toy packages signed by Nate Baertsch who provided the colors on the cardback illustrations!

Promo poster for Return of Faker

Check out the promo poster for the Return of Faker! And see a screening of scenes from it at Power-Con, on Saturday, September 9th, from 8:45pm to 9:30pm.

The screening will showcase two newly completed scenes from the episode, as well as detail how the project is being created by Dusan Mitrovic and James Eatock!

Deadline to pre-order your Power-Con souvenir shirts is near!

MOTU artist and designer Nate Baertsch enjoys some time with the family in one of the best ways possible! And what’s he wearing? Why, it’s one of the 2017 Power-Con souvenir t-shirts with art by Nate himself!

Are you coming to Power-Con and want a souvenir shirt or shirts of your own? Then pre-order yours now!

These shirts are only available at the show. The deadline to pre-order art designs on specific colors and sizes is this Friday, August 18th! After that, you can only purchase them at the show, and we will have a VERY limited stock of random sizes on black shirts. So if you want to pick the shirt or shirts of your choice, you’ll want to pre-order today.

If you haven’t bought your ticket yet, you can also pre-order a shirt during checkout. Click here to order your tickets today.

Have you already bought tickets but want to add shirts to your order? You still can! Please read the FAQ to see how to order then put in an order merger request. Additional orders have to be merged with your previous Attendee orders.

Thanks, and we look forward to seeing you all at Power-Con this September 9th and 10th.