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Robby London attending Power-Con 2018

Power-Con is proud to announce Robby London will be attending Power-Con this August 25 & 26 in Torrance, California! London was a writer on the Filmation He-Man and Masters of the Universe cartoon. In addition to writing for a number of other cartoons, London has been a producer on many series including The Real Ghostbusters, the early 90s G.I. Joe, Captain Planet and the Planeteers, and Sonic the Hedgehog.

Come meet London in person! Click here to get your Power-Con ticket and exclusives today.

Today, Sunday, May 13th, is the LAST day to pre-order the Power-Con toy exclusives!

If you’d like to pre-order the 2018 Power-Con toy exclusives, then today is your LAST chance! Pre-sales end today (Sunday, May 13th) at 11:59pm Pacific time.

The three MOTUC Club Grayskull exclusives are:
• Chopper
• Dree Elle & Uncle Montork (2-pack)
• Spikor

If we look at the performance of past Filmation figures, they are more expensive to get on the aftermarket. Some go for VERY high prices. If you factor in how Power-Con exclusives are more limited than other releases, then these characters may be even more expensive than usual at a later date.

Whether you are attending Power-Con or not, the exclusive pre-orders are open to everyone across the globe. But as of this posting, there are just fourteen hours remaining in the pre-sale. So don’t miss out! Click here to pre-order your exclusives before it’s too late. And thank you for your support of Power-Con.