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Power-Con hit the ground running in 2011 with the critically acclaimed event dedicated to Masters of the Universe, Princess of Power and ThunderCats. 2013 saw the addition of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Power-Con’s focus is on individual properties, maximizing fan exposure to the creative background and history of these brands like no other fan convention. Not only are Power-Con’s events geared towards what fans want to see, but it is run by fan volunteers who bring the very best to the table.

Daniel Benedict Daniel Benedict
Audio Visual Coordinator
In the world of Masters of the Universe fandom, Daniel is best known as the creator of Castle Grayskullman which became an instant favorite with scores of fans when it was revealed at San Diego Comic-Con. Daniel is also a professional filmmaker and has worked on a number of films, commercials, documentaries, and television productions. He wears many hats and has functioned as a director, producer, editor, and actor. He is also a musician and has written, produced, and recorded ten albums of original music with over a dozen music videos to his credit. Daniel became a MOTU fan in the 80s and his love for the world of Eternia has never abated. Keep an eye out for him at Power-Con. Daniel is the roving documentarian and cameraman with the Castle Grayskullman t-shirt!
Rachel Crockett Rachel Crockett
Event Coordinator
Rachel Crockett has been an active member in the He-Man.Org fan community since 1998 and considers herself a “fan of the fan.” She is a moderator on the He-Man.Org forums and is a familiar face greeting fans at the SDCC He-Man.Org Power Party. Rachel has worked in many sectors of the hospitality industry as everything from a Pastry Chef to a Market Manager. She has her B.S. and M.S. in Food Science and is a Food Scientist for a major national food manufacturer. Rachel served as an Institute of Food Technology liaison and has Chaired multiple ITF College Bowl competitions. Rachel was a natural fit for Event Coordination and handles coordinating the fan dinners, event planning, and operation organization for the convention.
Dan Eardley Dan Eardley
Press Coordinator
“Pixel Dan” Eardley is a reviewer, reporter, and all-around toy enthusiast. Growing up in the 1980s and 1990s, Dan enjoyed many popular toys, of which his favorites are Masters of the Universe and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Dan shares his love of these toy lines in his popular video reviews and interviews. He has worked closely with many toy companies to bring fans an early look at many upcoming action figures. His years of work as a reporter and reviewer made Dan the perfect man for the job of Press Coordinator.
 Manny Florendo Manny Florendo
Operations Management Consultant
As the founder of the ThunderCatsLair.Org website, Manny helped create an online fan community dedicated to the 1980s ThunderCats property. At this site, Manny provided financial, technical and administrative direction from 2005 to 2010. Manny went on to form the ThunderCatsNOW.com fan site in 2011 which is dedicated to the current ThunderCats reboot. He is also a host on the popular ThunderCatsNOW podcast and an active member on the He-Man.Org fan community. With a B.A. In Business Management, Manny helps steer the convention’s plans in the right direction.
Danielle Gelehrter Danielle Gelehrter
Creator Relations Manager
Danielle Gelehrter has been a fan of Masters of the Universe since it debuted in 1982, and has been part of the online fan community since 1996. He-Man and She-Ra fans recognize her as one of the regular hosts of He-Man.Org’s Roast Gooble Dinner podcast and as a forum moderator. But more casual fans and television viewers might recognize her resemblance to horror movie hostess and eerie enchantress Penny Dreadful. Say her name in the mirror three times backwards and see what happens. Being a skilled actress, writer, and patroness of the arts, Danielle was the perfect choice for Creator Relations and works with the creative talent attending Power-Con events.
Jon Kallis Jon Kallis
Public Relations Manager
According to his parents, Jon Kallis was a He-Man and She-Ra fan since his birth. Jon has been active in the online fan community since 1996, is the administrator of the He-Man.Org forums, and is a host of the popular Masters Cast podcast, the first He-Man and She-Ra podcast. Jon often points out that Adora, the alternate identity of She-Ra, is quite the fox. Jon is an instructional designer, learning management system administrator, and adjunct faculty member for one of the nation’s top online universities where he infuses the power and honor into young minds. His ability to relay important information makes Jon key in handling public awareness and information about Power-Con.
 Karla Marsh Karla Marsh
Exhibitor Relations Manager
Karla Marsh has been a fan of He-Man, She-Ra, and ThunderCats for as long as she can remember. She grew up idolizing She-Ra and watched the daily cartoon with her older brother and grandparents. Even though she mostly lurks in the shadows of the online fan communities, she has been a fill-in host on He-Man.Org’s Roast Gooble Dinner podcast. Karla has worked behind the scenes of HeroesCon in Charlotte, NC for a number of years. She recently took on the position of HeroesCon’s Events Coordinator. With years of experience working with retailers and vendors, Karla came on board to handle the needs of the exhibitors at Power-Con events.
 Leah Pierson Leah Pierson
Office Coordinator
Leah has been a fan of He-Man and She-Ra since she first saw the Filmation cartoons in 1984. When she changed schools three times and experienced the troubles of fitting in, the worlds of MOTU and POP were her daily escape and helped keep her upbeat. Today, Leah is a source of uplifting positivity for those around her, including the online He-Man.Org fan community. When Power-Con needed someone to maintain the records for the show, Leah was there to contribute her years of accounting experience.
 Bethalyn Staples Bethalyn Staples
Public Relations Coordinator
Bethalyn grew up in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia playing with Barbies and She-Ra action figures. Many hours were spent re-setting Val Staples’ elaborate He-Man action figure battle scenes after her cat knocked them over. Her extensive background in marketing, PR, ticketing, event management, and client relations has made her a valuable asset to the Power-Con team.
 Val Staples Val Staples
Event Director
Val fell in love with Masters of the Universe in 1983 and his life has revolved around the worlds of He-Man and She-Ra ever since. The first thing Val searched for when he got online in 1995 was He-Man and he has been active in the fan community since its inception. He is the owner of He-Man.Org and a host on He-Man.Org’s Roast Gooble Dinner podcast. Val is also the president of MVCreations which published the He-Man comic series in 2002. He worked on the BCI Filmation He-Man and She-Ra cartoon DVD sets… the list goes on and on. Val manages creative projects for clients worldwide and is a world-renowned and Eisner-nominated comic book colorist who has worked for all major comic book publishers in the United States. When the wheel of Power-Con needed a hub to tie all of the spokes together, Val was the man for the job.
 Matt Tyree Matt Tyree
Art & Design Manager
Matt, like many kids, loved watching He-Man every afternoon after school. He had all the toys and virtually every play session with his friends, at some point, had something to do with He-Man. It’s safe to say that He-Man, She-Ra, and Masters of the Universe played a big role in his childhood. He still loves He-Man and was ecstatic to be involved on the 2002 Masters of the Universe comic when he worked as Art Director at MVCreations. Since then Matt has become a successful freelance illustrator and He-Man and She-Ra fans recognize his art currently on the Roast Gooble Dinner podcast wallpapers. It was only natural for Matt to handle the creative end of the Power-Con.
Tim Wiess Tim Wiess
Volunteer and Contest Coordinator
Tim has been a huge fan of all things Masters of the Universe since 1983. The world of He-Man and She-Ra served as the foundation for many of his early childhood adventures. Tim is a software engineer who has worked in the industry for many years, during which time he has often been involved in coordinating the development of several large projects, usually comprising of many people. That experience makes Tim a great choice for coordinating the show’s volunteers and contest entrants. Tim also likes cake.

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