What can you expect at Power-Con for She-Ra?

Lately, we’ve received a lot of questions about what fans of the new She-Ra and the Princesses of Power cartoon can expect at Power-Con. And they are good questions! So we wanted to cover some of the major topics.

• Guest announcements are coming!
Power-Con is working closely with DreamWorks and Mattel. We’ll reveal guests as they are confirmed. It may not be until closer to the convention, but hopefully sooner!

• There will be panels!
We’ll definitely have programming dedicated to the new She-Ra and the Princesses of Power cartoon. Exactly what, though, won’t be revealed until about a month before the convention along with all our other programming. The reason is because programming is focused around all confirmed guests. And like most conventions, that means we have to wait until we know exactly who is coming so we can provide the best panels possible.

• Will there be merchandise?
This one is a bit trickery. As new She-Ra fans know, there isn’t a lot of merchandise out there right now. We hope more will be revealed as we get closer to Power-Con, and we hope to see it at the show!

• What about fan artists and fan-created merch?
This is up to the fan creators out there. We’ve seen a lot of cool fan creations on social media and would love to see some of that at Power-Con! If you are a new She-Ra fan and you want to purchase a table or booth to show off your fan creations, we have exhibitor space available for that very purpose. But there’s not much space available. So, if you want to offer your items to other She-Ra fans, please submit an Exhibitor inquiry asap before space sells out! We only have a few booths left, and about 25% of our tables remain.

• She-Ra cosplay is welcome, and encouraged!
We love cosplayers at Power-Con! Be it classic He-Man and She-Ra, or the new She-Ra and the Princesses of Power, or mash-up concepts, we want to see it. And, we also have a cosplay contest on Saturday, August 17th! Click here for more info.

For us at Power-Con, our goal is to celebrate all things He-Man and She-Ra. It’s a big family at Power-Con, and we help to share the history of He-Man and She-Ra as well as support what is new for fans everywhere. There will be fans both young and old at She-Ra, continuing the tradition of embracing once another. That’s a big part of what makes Power-Con the fun show that it has been for years. We hope to see YOU at Power-Con this August 17 & 18 at the Hilton Anaheim hotel! Click here for ticket info.