What to expect from lines and check-in at Power-Con

Some have asked what to expect from lines this weekend. So we have some info to help you prepare:

  • Pre-ordering just guarantees you a pass (for example, weekend passes that were online only). Your pass(es) need to be claimed at Registration.
  • To check-in, you need your pass barcode(s) and a photo ID (driver’s license or passport). The ID must match a name on the pass order.
  • There’s just one line for everyone coming to Registration, but it moves fairly quickly as we have several people checking in Attendees. By noon on Saturday, we tend to have the line cleared and it doesn’t get too deep after that.
  • Once you have your pass, there is a second line for people with passes waiting to get into the show when it opens at 10am. After 10am when the show opens and the line clears for those waiting to get in, those of you still in the Registration line will be able to go directly into the convention after checking in at Registration.
  • If you are looking to get into the convention first thing at 10am on Saturday, we strongly recommend coming at 8am when Registration opens so you can get your pass(es) then get into the entrance line.
  • Please click here to see an overhead view of the hotel. It shows where Registration is located, the direction that the check-in line forms, and also where the Marriott parking deck is located. Please see our Info & FAQ to learn more about parking prices and how to get the convention discount.
  • We have an early check-in Friday night from 6pm to 8pm. If you are staying at the hotel, or are in the area and want to get a jump start on Saturday, you can come by and get your pre-orders then, and also buy Saturday passes.
  • Sunday passes will not be on sale until Sunday morning at 9am. Please do not ask to purchase these Saturday or during early Registration on Friday night.

We look forward to seeing you at the show!