Update on Non-Attendee 3-Pack orders & address changes

We wanted to give an update for everyone who is waiting for their Non-Attendee shipment. Per the original pre-order details, the exclusives are planned to ship within eight weeks after Power-Con ended. That means we hope to have them all shipped by Monday, November 6th if all goes to plan and there’s no delays at customs when the boat shipment arrives.

This applies to pre-orders through Power-Con, BigBadToyStore, and our two German outlets. Fortunately the figures are on the boat on their way here and hopefully they’ll arrive sooner than later! We’ll keep you all updated when we have more info on the status of the shipment, and thank you for your support and patience!

There’s a couple other things we wanted to bring up while we have a chance:
plastic hardness on the exclusives, and updating your shipping address.

Plastic hardness and parts swapping on the 3-Packs:
MOTU artist and designer Nate Baertsch has posted a very helpful part-swapping guide for those of you who have or will soon be getting your Power-Con exclusive 3-packs. This is a new factory and the plastic ended up being a touch too hard which makes the head and weapon removal a bit more difficult.
That’s being improved for the next MOTUC releases from Super7. In the meantime, Nate has a guide on how to swap out the parts on these exclusives to help make things a bit easier for you with the figures!
Click here to read his guide on the He-Man.Org forums.

Updating your shipping address:
So what if you need to update your shipping address for your Power-Con exclusives?
You can contact us via our About & Contact page to add a shipping address if it differs from your billing address, or to update your existing shipping address. Please be sure to include your first and last name, and your order number when you send us your different shipping address. Click here to contact us.
The last day to submit a shipping address update will be Friday, September 29th. No more updates will be accepted after that!