Update on the Power-Con exclusive Earl Norem print set

The final print count is in for the Power-Con exclusive Earl Norem Premium Print Collection, and the set tops out at 48 prints!

Many artists at conventions sell prints for $10 to $20 each. At just $10 a print, you will be getting $480 worth of prints PLUS a silk-screened collector’s case, all for only $200.

As of this posting, only ten sets remain! This item is exclusive to Power-Con Attendees for pick-up at the show. If you haven’t bought your Power-Con tickets yet and want an Earl Norem print set, you will want to pre-order yours now before it’s too late. And if you already placed an order but didn’t get the print set, you can place a second order for the print set and have your two orders combined (see the Power-Con FAQ for more info).

Click here to pre-order today,
and click here to see a video walk-through about the print set!