Third and final chance to get Power-Con shirts…now in COLOR!

We were going to wrap things up with the last round of shirts. But our shirt manufacturer is awesome and told us they’d cut us a special deal on COLOR shirts! So we had to offer these up one last time. No longer are the 2012 shirts just in black. Now you can pick from any color on the chart below.

Click here to check out the available styles.
And click here to check out all the available colors.

Please follow these steps to order your shirts:

1. Send an e-mail to with the subject “2012 Shirts” and let us know:

  • each style of shirt you want (Barbarian, Demon, etc)
  • what size you want of each style (you can order from Small to 5XL)
  • what color you want each shirt to be (please provide the color from the color chart)
  • and what quantity you want of each shirt.

There’s no limit, so as an example you could order:
Demon – Large – Tangerine – 2 shirts
Demon – Large – Chestnut – 1 shirt
Valkyrie – Medium – Irish Green – 2 shirts

So, please order as many as you want. Once we do this final print run, these shirts will not be available again. You have until Friday, November 30th to send us your order via e-mail. Please be sure to include your name, mailing address and all your order details.

Shirt prices per size, per individual shirt (all prices do NOT include S/H)
Small, Medium, Large, XL, 2XL: 22.00
3XL: 23.00
4XL: 24.00
5XL: 25.00

2. After we receive all orders, we will send you a PayPal invoice for the total WITHOUT shipping. You will need to pay this via PayPal before Friday, December 7th. You will be able to pay with your own PayPal account funds or by credit card. This payment is non-refundable because this is a custom order. Orders not paid by December 7th will be cancelled.

3. Once the shirts are processed and arrive, we will package and weigh your order and send you an invoice for shipping costs. For orders inside the United States, we will use USPS Priority with Delivery Confirmation. For orders outside the United States, we will use the cheapest USPS method available. Tracking will not be available for international orders. We won’t know what method will be required for any shipment until we package the order. All USPS shipping fees will include 2.00 extra for supplies, fees and handling. Orders can be insured at an additional cost. Please specify if you want your shipping quote to include insurance. We will ship to the address on your PayPal shipping payment so make sure that address is current! We estimate production and packaging will be complete around Friday, December 30th. Unfortunately, we won’t be able to get these shirts out in time for holiday gifts.  Sorry!

4. Once we have received the shirts and have packaged them, we will send you a PayPal invoice for the shipping costs. You will need to pay this via PayPal within a week. As an example, if we send the invoice Friday, December 30th, you will have until Friday, January 7th to pay the shipping costs. When we issue the shipping invoice depends entirely on production/packaging time as described in item number 3. This payment is also non-refundable.

5. Once you have paid in full for the shirts and shipping, your shirts will be mailed to you. Delivery inside the United States should take about a week. Delivery outside the US can take anywhere from two weeks to two months depending on your country’s mail courier.

So please send in those shirt orders asap! Once this offer ends, these designs will no longer be available! If you have any other questions, please e-mail us at . Thank you again for your support of Power-Con!