Power and Honor Foundation Reception

For fans not attending the Roast Gooble Dinner Dinner or for fans looking for more to do in between Power-Con after-hours programming, the Power & Honor Foundation is hosting a reception in Suites 9 & 11 on the 2nd Floor of the Torrance Marriott South Bay hotel on Saturday, September 22nd from 5:30pm to 1:00am. They will have art and collectible collections on display as well as finger foods and refreshments. A $35.00 donation to the Foundation will grant you access to this event.

The Power & Honor Foundation is solely responsible for the Power & Honor reception and any sales, activities, business or promotions associated with the reception and its sponsors, officers, officials or promoters. So, you will want to contact them right away about attending!

A limited number of passes remain for their reception, so please click here to make your donation.