Bid online TODAY in the Power-Con Charity auction!

Couldn’t make it to Power-Con but would like to participate in the charity auction? Check out how to bid online below. 50% of our proceeds will benefit!

The auction will begin today at 4:00pm PST (that is 7:00pm EST).

The awesome folks at Big Toy Auction have been wonderful enough to set-up the online portion of the auction! Our extended thank you to them!

To participate online visit:

We suggest registering ahead of time to help save time when the bidding begins at 4:00pm PST.

Our advice for those new to Proxibid online bidding:

  • We recommend you create an account ahead of time!
  • We recommend using Firefox or Internet Explorer. These are the most stable browsers to use with Proxibid.
  • When you visit the auction link, the “Watch this lot” link will change to an orange “Place Bid” button when the auction has begun on Saturday night.
  • During the auction, when you click the orange “Place Bid” button, you will be prompted to run or download a Java app. Be sure to Run it instead of downloading it! After you run it, it will bring up the live auction in a new Java app window.
  • After the Java app window has launched, be sure to immediately “Sign In” via the upper right! Otherwise, you are in Watch mode.
  • The Ring: this is the area to the left where items are displayed as they are up for auction. The chime notifies you that an item has entered the ring for bidding. You can disable this sound in the Preferences tab to the right.
  • At the bottom of the Ring is the Bid button. This shows the next bid increment. Click on that button to bid. If you bid the same amount as someone at the convention, the convention bid takes priority.
  • Above the Bid bar is the current High Bid and the status of a bid: Once, Twice, Sold. Because auctions move fast, we recommend not relying on these status icons and instead Bid as soon as you see the High Bid value change!
  • The Catalog tab: this shows all of the items that are up for sale in order of how they will be auctioned off. You can browse this to see everything up for auction. (The current order is temporary and will change the night of the auction)
  • The My Lots tab: this shows all the items you have won and/or are currently bidding on. It gives you a total of how much you have bid thus far.
  • The Audio/Video tab: You need to click on this tab and then click on the “Launch the A/V” icon in order to hear the live auctioneer. The audio will open in a separate window where you can adjust the volume. You will then need to return back to the Java app window for the auction. There may be a delay in the audio so we recommend bidding as soon as you see the High Bid change so you don’t miss out!
  • At the end of a sale you will receive an invoice to pay. Proxibid can use your credit card on file if you wish.
  • If you want to get familiar with how the auction works ahead of time, click here to check out any other live auction between now and Saturday. You can observe in Watch mode.

Once you’ve found your way through the setup, we think you’ll find it to be easy. Thank you in advance to everyone who participates and helps to raise money for Power-Con/ThunderCon and!