Programming – We’ve Upped the Stakes!

As fans who attended last year’s Power-Con / ThunderCon will tell you, we had a wide-variety of programming that included panels with talent that worked on all aspects of He-Man, She-Ra, and ThunderCats including voice actors, toy designers, animation writers, storyboard artists, and directors.  The convention also included fan contests, fan participation, and a mixer to mingle and chat. To experience one of the panels from last year, check out the YouTube video linked on the side of this page.

While 2012’s programming will be revealed as the show gets closer, there is so much programming this year that we had to add ANOTHER panel room just to contain all the power and thunder! Last year blew fans away and this year will be no exception! Don’t miss out or you’ll make He-Man throw his sword of power down the abyss again, and no one wants that! So get ready to chant “ThunderCats, ho!” in your best Lion-O voice and join the party!

Our Guest list will be continuing to expand as each week passes. Keep checking the website for new announcements.

General Admission Tickets and 2-day passes are available now in the Tickets section. For a more intimate experience with the talent, check out the Roast Gooble Dinner ticket package.