Exhibitors – Come on down!

Come and join us at the most powerful convention in the universe: POWER-CON / THUNDERCON! Be a part of the most powerful event in the universe where fans who attend have sight beyond sight!

In addition to the vendor tables and booths available within vendor room, this year we are also offering vendor hallway tables that are an excellent alternative for exhibitors who do not have elaborate set-ups! Prices have also been lowered from last year. Get in on this deal now!

Full information can be found on our Exhibitors page and is displayed below for your convenience.


Each VENDOR HALLWAY TABLE is 6′x30″ with approximately 3′ of space behind the table.
Each table will come equipped with one chair and one complimentary Exhibitor badge.

Hallway tables are discounted tables located directly outside of the vendor room. Attendees must walk past these tables from the convention Entrance/Registration to access the vendor room and the panel room. Because these tables are not inside the vendor room and won’t be locked up for the evening, all valuables will need to be stored overnight in POWER-CON/THUNDERCON’s storage room. While backdrop/screen and tabletop displays may be okay overnight if left at the table, both the convention and hotel are not responsible for any stolen items and anything valuable that you want to protect should be stored overnight. Items will need to be stored between 6:00pm and 6:30pm, Saturday, September 22nd and will be available again for setup between 9:30am and 10:00am, Sunday, September 23rd. These tables are a great alternative for artists and vendors who have don’t have an elaborate set up.

VENDOR HALLWAY TABLE: $50 (price good until August 1st. regular price is 75.00)

Each VENDOR ROOM TABLE is 6′x30″ with approximately 3′ of space behind the table.
Each table will come equipped with one chair and one complimentary Exhibitor badge.

Room tables are inside our vendor room which is locked and closed to the public outside of setup and regular show hours.

VENDOR ROOM TABLE: $100 (price good until August 1st. regular price is 150.00)


Each BOOTH is 10′x10′ and comes equipped with one 8′x30″ table, one 6′x30″ table, three chairs and three complimentary Exhibitor badges.

VENDOR ROOM BOOTH: $250 (price good until August 1st. regular price is 350.00)

Up to two additional Exhibitor badges can be purchased at $30 apiece for each table or booth registered, which will include a maximum of one additional chair for each table or booth.

Power can be set up at your table or booth with a 110v extension outlet for $50.

Boxes/supplies can be shipped to the con and stored from Monday, September 17th, 2012 until Friday, September 21st, 2012.
Each box weighing up to 200 lbs costs $50 to store.

If you require an internet connection and don’t have a wireless provider, a wireless internet connection through the hotel’s network is available for $50. Login, username and password details will be provided at the show.

Exhibitors must provide any and all supplies and equipment needed to assist in an exhibitor’s sales, shipments, setup and all other functions related to their booth.

Tables and booths can be either purchased on-line or by mail. Please review the General Rules and Regulations section for terms and conditions, purchase links and the registration form.