Remaining Power-Con / ThunderCon merchandise now up for sale! Get ’em while they last!

The remaining items from the con are up for sale! Mark Vasquez is handling the Tony Washington prints and Josh Van Pelt from the Power and Honor Foundation is helping to coordinate all other items which is a huge help.

There’s an assortment of awesome items left, but most are very limited! So grab yours while you can!

Click here for an image of the Tony Washington MOTU print, here for an image of the Tony Washington ThunderCats print and here for an image of everything else.

  • Power Package (bag of goodies) $75.00: includes a Power-Con/Thundercon commemorative cereal:geek Magazine, the official Power-Con/Thundercon Program Guide, a set of Earl Norem prints, a Power-Con commemorative lapel pin, a set of Power-Con commemorative stickers, a set of Power-Con commemorative temporary tattoos, a Roast Gooble Dinner Music CD, and comes in a Power-Con commemorative bag. This is the only way to get the program guide, commemorative bag and lapel pin, these are not available for sale individually.
  • cereal:geek magazine Power-Con/Thundercon Commemorative Issue $10: Full of info about guests at the show along with special articles
  • Yellow Power-Man T-Shirt (was for volunteers) $10: Available in L, XL, & 2X
  • White Power-Man T-Shirt $10: Available in L, XL, and 2X
  • Black ThunderCon Logo T-Shirt $10: Only one 3X left!
  • Earl Norem 12” x 16” Print $10: donated by Earl Norem himself; 200x Comic Cover Battle Scene
  • Earl Norem 12” x 16” Print $10: donated by Earl Norem himself; The Rock Warriors Cover
  • Sticker Set $10: set of the 3 different designs (Power-Man, Protectress, and ThunderCon Logo); rated for outdoor use for approximately 3 years
  • Temporary Tattoo Set $5: includes 12 tattoos; 4 sets of the 3 different designs
  • Roast Gooble Dinner Music CD $10: features awesome music created by artists who are fans of He-Man & She-Ra; this was a promo CD. The $10 only covers the cost of production
  • Tony Washington He-Man print $10
  • Tony Washington ThunderCats print $10
  • Tony Washington He-Man / ThunderCats print set $15

Click here to order the Tony Washington prints!
Click here to order everything else!

Everything sold helps to make next years show all the more awesome. Thank you so much!

Collectible room info

A number of you have asked where we got the various items in the Collectible Room.  We’re happy to pass along that info to help you accessorize your own collectible rooms.

The cases were IKEA Detolf cabinets. The only way to get them is to purchase them at your local IKEA as they do not ship them. They also sell out quickly when they are in stock so you will need to check regularly with your local IKEA.

The stands we used are acrylic risers that we ordered from Acrylic Home Design. If you order them, please be sure to tell them Power-Con / Val Staples sent you their way. We benefit from the referral.

The walls we displayed the art on are called Gridwalls. In particular, the ones we used were 2′ x 6′ individual walls with leg supports. We recommend checking out discount closeout furniture stores. There are quite a few out there, so we suggest Google searching for:
discount gridwall panels

We hope that helps! :-)

Speaking of passing along info, the remaining Power-Con / ThunderCon merchandise items will be up for sale very soon! We’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback about the items so be sure to get yours while they last! Every sale helps make the 2012 show bigger and better.

2011 Power-Con / ThunderCon recap, next year’s show, merchandise, thanks and more!

The 2011 Power-Con / ThunderCon show went off with a bang! I have been blown away by all the awesome feedback from everyone on Facebook, Twitter, e-mail and more. Thank you for sharing your experiences. It’s going to help make the 2012 show even better.

Did you miss out on the 2011 show? Have no fear because you can still get in on the action. We have a very limited supply of convention merchandise that will be up for sale in about a week. Shirts, stickers, tattoos, magazines and more including a handful of limited edition prints donated by some of the talented artists who were at the show. Make sure you get your 2011 items before they are gone for good. Every sale goes towards making the 2012 convention better!

And what about the 2012 show? We are already planning it! We should have preliminary info near the end of this year. Keep close watch for updates via this site, Twitter or Facebook. You’re not going to want to miss out on the 2012 show! In the world of He-Man and She-Ra, we have the 30th anniversary of the vintage toy line, the 25th anniversary of the 1987 MOTU movie, the 25th anniversary of the Power Tour, the 10th anniversary of the 200x toy line and much more! And ThunderCats fans be prepared. You’ll hear the roar as we amp up ThunderCon with more guests and features including a celebration of the new cartoon and toyline!

The first year’s show was fantastic and we couldn’t have done it without the help of so many people. Special thanks to the following: all the retailers and creators who made our show an amazing attraction for so many fans, the Four Points Sheraton and its delightful staff who worked hard to help things go smoothly, the awesome fans who donated their collections to make our Collectible room as awesome as possible (Matt Alton, Tim Beers, David and Darren Fowler, Darah Herron, Emiliano Santalucia, John Sharkey, Josh Van Pelt and Toby Whitesell), all the businesses and couriers who kept our show staffed, produced our awesome items and made sure we got everything securely and quickly, LA Weekly and all the sites and stores that helped to promote the show, the cosplayers, fan artists and customizers, Bandai, AFX, Josh Van Pelt and everyone who donated prizes for the trivia contest, all the incredible fans who volunteered and worked long hours to set up, break down, run errands and ensure everything we needed was taken care of, Christina and Dan Eardley for filming, announcing and strutting their stuff, Matt Tyree for being the design and graphics lackey, Ric Nicholls and Emiliano Santalucia for pretty pictures, the immediate Power-Con/ThunderCon staff who worked long hours and many months to perfect everything for the event (Rachel Crockett, Manny Florendo, Danielle Gelehrter, Jon Kallis, Karla Marsh and Leah Pierson), the sponsors of the show (MTV Geek,, and Retro Outlaw Studios) and most importantly, you the fans who came out and made the show one of the best experiences ever!

I know we’re all excited for 2012. I hope to see all of you there! Spread the word because it’s going to be incredible!

– Val Staples, Director of Events for Power-Con / ThunderCon