Action Figure Xpress and ZoloWorld


We are ready to begin announcing who will be joining Power-Con / Thundercon’s retailers, vendors, and exhibitors’ list. The Guest list will now also be continuously updated to include these additions. Today we are happy to welcome Action Figure Xpress and ZoloWorld!

Action Figure Xpress
Since 1997, AFX has been servicing the collector market by providing a variety of exclusive and limited edition products such as mini busts, statues, action figures, toys, and more at competitive prices along with quick and professional service. There’s something for everyone at AFX with brands such as Star Wars, Thundercats, Ghostbusters, Star Trek, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Marvel and DC Superheroes, and more!
ZoloWorld has been keeping your toys minty fresh since 2008. In addition to creating protective cases for your favorite action figures, they also sell toys from vintage to modern and everything in-between.


Ian Richter and Jeremy Padawer join the guest list


We are happy to welcome Ian Richter and Jeremy Padawer to Power-Con / ThunderCon!

Mr. Richter was the Director of Entertainment Development at Mattel during the 2002 Mike Young Productions He-Man cartoon.  In addition to serving as a supervising producer on the series, he was also involved in the development of all storylines and was instrumental in the creation of King Grayskull.

Mr. Padawer was the brand and marketing manager at Mattel who worked directly with the 2002 relaunch of Masters of the Universe.  He worked with not only the Four Horsemen but the fan community as well over the course of the brand.

Michael Halperin and Larry Houston join the guest list


We are pleased to announce that Michael Halperin and Larry Houston will be appearing at Power-Con / ThunderCon.

Mr. Halperin wrote the original Masters of the Universe series bible in 1982 that was commissioned by Mattel for use in development of the Filmation cartoon series. He was also a creative consultant to the series during its first 65 episodes.  Halperin returned to He-Man in 2002 to help Mattel develop the Mike Young Productions cartoon series, serve as creative consultant, and even penned an episode: “Of Machines and Men”.

Mr. Houston worked as a penciler on many of the Mattel Masters of the Universe mini-comics. You will recognize his work from such adventures as “The Secret of Liquid Life,” “Slave City,”  “Rock People to the Rescue,” and “The Temple of Darkness.”

Erika Scheimer and Rowby Goren join the guest list


We are happy to announce the attendance of Erika Scheimer and Rowby Goren to Power-Con / ThunderCon!

Ms. Scheimer is the daughter of Filmation co-founder Lou Scheimer. As a voice actress, she brought such characters as Queen Angella, Frosta, and Perfuma to life on the She-Ra cartoon series. She was also involved with the music for the series, including providing the female vocals for “I Have The Power,” the theme song to The Secret of the Sword.

Mr. Goren was a writer for Filmation’s He-Man and the Masters of the Universe. He penned such episodes as “The Shadow of Skeletor”, “Monster on the Mountain”, and “The Greatest Show on Eternia.”

DiTillio and Moss join the guest list


We are happy confirm that Larry DiTillio and Francis Moss will be appearing at Power-Con / ThunderCon!

Mr. DiTillio was one of the writers for Filmation’s He-Man and She-Ra and the Mike Young Productions He-Man series. He was behind the naming of She-Ra, as well as the development of her origin, and also created many fan-favorite characters such as Granamyr and Shokoti.

Mr. Moss was the story editor on 27 half-hours of The New Adventures of He-Man for Jet Lag Productions/S.O.B. Productions as well as a writer on the Filmation She-Ra: Princess of Power series.


Power-Man to Lead Attendees in to Battle


We are proud to debut the official Power-Con icon, Power-Man!  Illustrated by Ric Nicholls, Power-Man will be featured on the exclusive 2011 convention t-shirt. While he is lurking in the shadows right now, future shows will display his full, dynamic design!