Erika Scheimer attending Power-Con 2016

Erika Scheimer, the daughter of Filmation co-found Lou Scheimer and voice actress, has joined the guest list for Power-Con 2016!

You will recognize Erika as the voice of such popular She-Ra characters as Queen Angella, Loo-Kee, and Frosta. Erika also sang and wrote the theme song to The Secret of the Sword, “I Have The Power”.

Join Erika at Power-Con, we hope to see you there!

Power-Con Exclusive Pre-Orders Sold Out! Second chance available!

Thank you to everyone who purchased the Power-Con 2016 MOTUC Exclusives! Our pre-orders have sold out and are officially closed through the convention website and no longer available to pre-order as attendees or non-attendees of the convention.

You may still purchase Tickets to the June 4 & 5, 2016 show by clicking here. We do not plan to sell the exclusives on the show floor.

Miss out on the exclusives during our pre-order run? Big Bad Toy Store cleaned us out of the last of our exclusives! Head over to BBTS to purchase Camo Khan ($64.99), red mini comic Beast Man ($64.99), and green mini comic Granamyr ($139.99) while supplies last.

MOTUC Exclusives: Additional Pre-Orders Now Open for Attendees and Non-Attendees!

Pre-Orders for the Power-Con Masters of the Universe Classics Exclusives: Camo Khan, red mini comic Beast Man, and green mini comic Granamyr are now open for additional pre-orders for both attendees and non-attendees.

Pre-Orders end on Friday, October 16th (or earlier if stock sells out). Power-Con is the ONLY place to buy these exclusives. They WILL NOT be available on or available at the convention for day-of-sale. These are pre-order only!

Get your orders in now as we have only have a small amount of stock remaining.



Reminder: Attendee exclusives must be picked up at the convention; they will not be shipped. Non-attendee exclusives will be shipped 3 – 4 weeks after the convention. The convention takes place June 4 – 5, 2016.


Non-Attendee access has been re-opened for the purchase of additional exclusives!

Many of you have asked. And now is the time! Thanks to the purchase of your non-attendee pass, you can now purchase additional exclusives.

As you know, we have shipping bundles listed with set prices. Obviously, if you preorder additional bundles, you will pay a lot more in shipping. And shipping is already so expensive, especially for international fans. So, we’ve come up with a way to help keep the shipping cost low while allowing you to add your additional exclusives.

To accomplish that, we have a form on the Power-Con site for you to fill out. On the form, you need to enter the following information:
• your first name
• your last name
• your existing order number
• the e-mail address that you used on your existing order
• the type of non-attendee you are (USA, Canada, or International)
• and, what bundle type you preordered in your existing order

Once you’ve entered that, you can then specify how many of each additional exclusive you want to add to your order. All non-attendees can now preorder up to THREE total of each exclusive. So, for example, if you already preordered one of each, you can now add two more of each exclusive.

After you select the number of each exclusive you wish to add, you will need to specify if you want insurance on your order or not. We strongly recommend adding insurance! We are not responsible for packages or items lost or damaged at the hands of the courier.

Please note: the existing preordered bundles do NOT include insurance. If you do not want to purchase additional exclusives, but DO want to add insurance, please click here to contact us and send us your first/last name, order number, and a request to add insurance. We’ll send you an invoice for the insurance and get your ordered updated once it has been paid.

After you select all of those items, the form will show you the additional shipping you will be charged.

The last step after that is to click on “Submit Form.” Once you have done that, your information will be submitted to us here at Power-Con. We will then create a PayPal invoice which will be e-mailed to you using the e-mail address provided from your existing order. You will have five days to pay the invoice before it is voided after which your additional order will be deleted.

Once you pay that invoice, we will add these items to your existing order, then e-mail you an updated confirmation. It’s that simple!

Click here to access the form on the Power-Con website.

With the exception of bronze King Grayskull that was released in 2008 and estimated to have had only 1000 produced, these will be the rarest MOTU Classics figures ever made. We don’t have many left so this is first-come-first-serve. Get your order in now before it’s too late! We will process additional requests in the order they were received.

Please note that these exclusives will not be released until the convention, which is June 4th and 5th, 2016 in Los Angeles, California. All preordered non-attendee exclusives and preordered incentives will be mailed 3 to 4 weeks after the convention. All terms and conditions from your original non-attendee order apply to this additional order.

Also, these exclusives will NOT be available for sale on Power-Con is the only place to get them. And, the cut-off for preorders is Friday, October 16th or when the exclusives sell out, whichever comes first.

We wish you were coming to Power-Con but realize not everyone can afford to make it to the show. So we are glad you are there with us in spirit and we appreciate you ordering these rare MOTU Classics figures.

Thank you, and if you have any questions, please write us and let us know. We will reply as soon as possible.
Good journey!

Exhibitor space sold out and other updates!

Exhibitor space for the 2016 Power-Con has sold out! Vendors, if you would like to be put on a wait-list in case someone cancels, please contact us via the form in the Exhibitor section.

Other updates:

If you have not yet purchased your Masters of the Universe Classics figures that are being exclusively offered by Power-Con, please pre-order now as either an attendee or as an individual who will be unable to attend the convention.

We are working on the ability for attendees and non-attendees to be able to purchase additional exclusives if some stock remains. If you are an attendee who did not max out their initial order and would like to add additional exclusives now, please contact us via the contact form.

Power-Con Exclusives will NOT be on MattyCollector! Pre-Order while they last!

Power-Con is the ONLY place to get the MOTUC exclusives Camo Khan, red mini comic Beast Man, and green mini comic Granamyr. Pre-orders are open now for both Power-Con 2016 attendees and to individuals who are unable to attend the show.

The only way to obtain these exclusives is to pre-order now! We do not have much remaining stock, and these exclusives will NOT be available on Mattel’s MattyCollector site after Power-Con. We plan to open these up to non-attendees to order additional figures. But since many have thought these would be available after Power-Con, we wanted to give individual fans a chance to pre-order while there’s still time.

Their production numbers are far less than almost all other MOTUC releases, including figures that fetch extremely high prices after-market like Shadow Weaver, Battle Armor Faker and the first release of King Grayskull. Act now to secure these exclusives in your collection before they are gone for good!

Attendees, click here for instructions on how to order.

Non-attendees, click here for instructions on how to order.

MOTUC Power-Con Exclusives Update

We still have some Power-Con Masters of the Universe Classics exclusives in stock that we plan to make available to non-attendees for additional purchases. But we’re still exploring the best available way to do that. It’s taking longer than expected and our apologies for the delay.

Pending that stock is still available once we’e sorted out the details, we’ll be sure to send out an official update with a date and time for those additional sales. Please keep an eye out for future e-mails and website updates containing important Power-Con information!

If you are planning to attend the convention, please pre-order your tickets and exclusives as soon as possible by clicking here.

If you are a non-attendee who has yet to pre-order exclusives, please follow the instructions by clicking here.

Original Power-Con Hotel Block Now SOLD OUT! Additional options below!

Our convention hotel block has fully sold out after two expansions. However, there may still be rooms available at the convention hotel at a regular rate. We recommend booking a room now. The convention is being held on June 4th and 5th 2016 at the Torrance Marriott Redondo Beach. We have also listed other near-by local hotels that may be available.

Torrance Marriott Redondo Beach*
3635 Fashion Way
Click here to reserve a room at a regular rate (rates start at $229/night)
*Our convention rate has sold out. There may still be rooms available at the regular hotel price.


Howard Johnson’s Torrance
3673 Torrance Blvd.
Click here to reserve a room (rates start at $85/night)


Residence Inn by Marriott
3701 Torrance Blvd.
Click here to reserve a room (rates start at $239/night)


Extended Stay America
3525 Torrance Blvd.
Click here to reserve a room (rates start at $103/night)


Double Tree by Hilton
21333 Hawthorne Blvd.
Click here to reserve a room (rates start at $139/night)


NOTE: If you were able to book the Torrance Marriott Redondo Beach previously at the convention rate, they WILL start charging the first night’s room cost on March 6th, 2016. (90 days out from the convention’s dates). Due to limited hotel space, this is to insure people do not sit on room reservations. For the regular rate of the Torrance Marriott and the additional hotels listed, please see the policies listed on their website(s) when booking.

Hotel block expanded

Our hotel block has sold out again!

However, we were able to expand our block for a second time. We suggest reserving your room now!

Our convention hotel is the:
Torrance Marriott Redondo Beach
3635 Fashion Way
Torrance, CA 90503

The reservation link will automatically fill in the dates of arriving on Friday, June 3rd, and departing on Monday, June 6th. But, you can change to any dates between the 3rd and 6th during the reservation process.

Our standard room rate is $139 for up to 4 occupants in the room.
You will be able to select special features, such as a king or double bed, on the screens that follow the initial reservation dates, room quantity and occupancy.

NOTE: The hotel WILL start charging the first night’s room cost on March 6th, 2016. (90 days out from the convention’s dates). Due to limited hotel space, this is to insure people do not sit on room reservations.

We look forward to seeing you in 2016!

Click here to make your reservation!

Secure your Masters of the Universe Classics exclusives!

EXCLUSIVE to Power-Con 2016: green mini comic Granamyr, red mini comic Beast Man, and Camo Khan – part of the Masters of the Universe Classics collection.

These figures will NOT be available on MattyCollector. Pre-Order them today as an attendee or non-attendee to Power-Con to make sure you secure your exclusives!

We will open the remaining figure stock up to non-attendees to buy a second of each exclusive soon. If you are a MOTUC collector, pre-order NOW while you still can!